Go Big or… (Enlarging Magical Effects in Pathfinder)


Even small magic can have big consequences when applied to a large enough area. Purifying poisoned lakes, fire proofing fields or rousing an entire town are effects in the range of the lowest cantrips and first level spell effects but applied to areas that the game isn’t always quick to support. So how can we make little magic big? Fortunately, with the help of a few different third party companies, we can make some large strides regarding our little challenge…

The Science of Big Magic

The Pathfinder Core Rulebook presents our first steps toward large magic. The core metamagic feats of enlarge spell and widen spell begin to unlock our greatest magical horizons. Let’s take a look:

  • Enlarge Spell: Generally only effects spells that are range dependent. Less effective when it comes to most spells but sometimes it is our only option,
  • Widen Spell: You can alter a burst, emanation, or spread-shaped spell to increase its area. Any numeric measurements of the spell’s area increase by 100%. This gets a of possible areas rolling but sometimes isn’t going to always give use the best coverage.
  • There MIGHT be another essential feat coming onto the scene soon. It will be of VAST importance.

These official Paizo feats are supplemented by these options from Third Party companies:

  • Chain Spell: Whether the ancestral system’s version or the other versions from Rite Publishing or the Rogue Genius Games version. Allows multiple targets of the same spell
  • Stack Metamagic: This feat allows for additional applications of the same metamagic effect. With it is possible to cast stacked widened (2) alarm to wake up entire barracks or sweeping whole armies with detect good or detect evil.
  • Innate Spell: Another Rogue Genius treasure, this feat allows the conversion of a low level magic effect into an at will ability. Careful use of this feat can lead to a dozens of applications of lesser magical effects to cover large areas but be careful with overuse as that its 8 level adjustment needs an insanely powerful caster.

These options combined with traits and feats that reduce metamagic slot costs can achieve some spectacular effects. They are also useful when benchmarking wish and miracle and noting the ability of a spell to cover a large area like a town or lake.

For more extreme sized spells consider the Overmage mythic path. As a historical legacy, ancient overmage could have left power abjurative areas extending lesser globes over their kingdoms or presenting antipathy magics that drove whole species away from a town. The possibilities for storytelling and unique challenges and combats are staggering.

Want to puzzle out more of our options? You can get overmage mythic path in  Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres or pre-order with the Book of Beyond WIP subcription (and get the Wielder and Herald mythic paths immediately) or see our other products at: d20pfsrd.com, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.

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