Put it to Bed (Simple Immersion Exercise: Bedtime)

Sometimes we have difficulty getting into the game after a long week of real world problems. Often a simple exercise in engaging your character with the smaller aspects of their imagined life can be an effective way to achieve immersion. Adventurers usually find themselves on the road and when traveling for long days of slaying orcs and rescuing kingdoms they will eventually need to rest their heads well… Somewhere.

Simple Immersion Exercise: Bedtime

When camping or taking a room at the inn considering your character’s reaction to the sleeping arrangements can be a great way to achieve in character awareness. Consider the following things:

  • Where are you sleeping? Campsite? Tavern? Common room? Inn room? What quality is it?
  • Is the sleeping arrangement allowed? Some religions forbid unwed adults of mixed genders to share a room or campsite. What complications might arise of the violated taboo is caught?
  • Is this bed better or worse than what they’re used to? Is the character acclimated to long stints roughing it? Do they have a bed at home or that is nicer? Is this the nicest they have had? How does it compare?
  • How do fellow party members feel about it? The ranger may be fine for camping but how about the wizard ally? Did they pack right? Do you have extra bedding of not!
  • What pre-sleep activities happen? Mission debriefs? Ale and fond memories shared? Ghost stories?
  • What is the watch order of any?

Diving into the basics of your characters preparation for a good nights sleep can be a great way to get into game. As with any immersion exercise this one is best to pursue organically. Don’t over use the technique or you may find people growing tired of the bedtime antics.

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