You Give Good Love (A Visit to the Buff-et: Paramour)

Yesterday we discussed party metabalance and the “fifth wheel” class of “buff-er” or support roles characters. A great support character can fill in for missing character roles or make the going much easier on a larger party. We’ll be looking at some of the more unusual offerings for this role over the next few days. And today we look at love’s champion… the paramour.

Buff-et Basics: The Paramour

As we look at the paramour we will be comparing them to the Core Rulebook bard’s abilities to benchmark:

  • Song of Steel: Medium BAB matches the bard, blow for blow. The weapon selection is more narrow gaining only simple weapons but if you are looking to customize you will have access to a proficiency from your heartbound partner. Armor is similar but the class also gains a Charisma based AC bonus with a small additional bonus that is untyped, making it a slightly more effective defense class.
  • Song of Magic: While having the potential for 6th level spells with the right expressions, the paramour isn’t likely to match the bards versatility in casting. The paramour WILL survive longer workdays better as long as its fatigue periods are managed well from its ardent condition.
  • Song of Lore: While the paramour has slightly less skill points than the bard, expressions favoring skill-use are slightly better than those with granted by the bard’s inspire competence. The skills aren’t limited the same but still must be chosen via the expression class feature. This role is definitely one they can surpass bard in party metablance.
  • Song of Support: The inspiring cry expression allows the paramour to pass on the buffs they get from expressions to other characters in the party. These in turn can be customized to the groups needs over the course of the paramour‘s career. This makes the major limiter feats to gain expressions. Possible buffs include:
    • Defense: Heart’s Redoubt for temporary hit points.
    • Defense: Devoted Shield for AC boosts.
    • Attack: Vengeful Heart for bonuses to attack.
    • Damage: Heart’s Scorn expression.
    • Teamwork: Supportive Stance can grant situational teamwork feats.
    • Resource Management: Rapid Renewal can prevent loss of daily uses, spells or power points.

Compared to the bard, the paramour can be a more specialized “buff-er” with the right investment of expression class features. Its general abilities are not as sweeping effecting one person at a time but may have better usage limits over long or extended periods provided time to recover from fatigue.

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