Kiss the Specifics (Liminal Conformation in the Mental Source)

Ahnula and Renyx.jpg

Ahnula regarded the smoldered bodies of the undead around them, “Renyth, what was that?”

“Zombies. At least twelve I think?” The man’s too-perfect flesh framed eyes so blue they nearly burned.

“No, your… weapon?” She urged.

“Oh, we call them arsheth… uhm… blade of the mind is the closest translation.”

“How did you create it? The Ether was quiet around you and I saw now aura indicators?”

He smiled, “Now that you ask… I don’t know.”

* * * * *

Later that night Ahnula began to scribe the findings she had discussed with her strange new friend… 


Liminal Conformations for the Mental Source

When considering the Mental Source, most psions and psychics would simply tell you that their power is their own. While true it is by will alone most such power users accomplish their deviations from mundanity, the nature of their abilities generally still adheres to the fundamentals of energetics (wherein no power may created or destroyed whole-cloth), expresses a liminal transposition and can most often be classified in the following liminal conformations:

  • Astral Generatives – This is the most common group of psionic entities. Such beings have achieved heightened consciousness enough to express advanced astral energy. This energy in normal effervescence coalesces along the tangent edge of the material and astral worlds.These results in the standard parareality of the Astral. The Astral Generative instead introduces their thought energy directly into the material world allowing alteration of reality, expression of constructed ectoplasmic forms, and telekinetic manipulation of matter and energy.
  • Astral Collectives – A secondary group of psychic and psionic beings, this category has for various reasons a capacity to draw on rare Astral backflows were bleed thought energy riptides into the material. It is postulated that some species develop Astral Collectives in response to high Astral permeation. Such individuals become communal aspects of Will and fortify the Collective Unconscious.

It is worth noting that most Astral Liminals maintain a state of “focus” that they seem to be able to achieve through intense meditation though often this state is disrupted by powerful expenditures of Will…

  • Etheric Conduits – This psychic conformation rivals and mirrors the commonality of Astral Generatives. As opposed to being a thought-energy generator, the Etheric Conduit rather achieves an open state allowing the natural bloom of Ether Flow and its energies within them. Harnessing the primal potentials is then the quintessential act of Will. Greater willpower can congeal, organize and store more of these proto-energies for later use.
  • Etheric Sympaths – A slightly rarer category of conformation, the Sympathetic rely on emotion connections with proto-materials and energies and spiritual entities that have become mired in Etheric blackflow. These beings use Will as a beacon to amplify emotive resonance and call the desired energetic or material effects. Their manifestations and castings are often wild, primal or drawn forth spiritual entities.

Etheric Liminal conformations often to concentrate residual energies which may fuel pherenic pulses of extreme resonance or settle into the more rhythmic expression called ki.

Other Liminal mentalists are also thought to exist but may but exist in indeterminate numbers:

  • Shadow Reactives – Mentalists that experess a Shadow Plane derived liminal conformation are most likely to manifest expressions that mirror existing manifestations or actions in the Material Plane. As such their powers seem most often to be derivative or forms of mimicry. Some echoes and shapeshifters display clear affiliation with this conformation. Shadow Generatives exist as a theoretic possibility but have yet to be observed with any regularity.
  • Phagic Entrophs – Probably not true Mental Source users, the existence of Entropics with a specific affinity for Mental Source consumption is too frequently observed to be denied. A periphery of this Phagic predation grants many such entities abilities common to Mental Source users and they are frequently mistaken for such. The possiblity of oganization of such beings is something the Multiverse should fear.

Ahnula Fareye,  the Book of Beyond

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