Unstoppable! (8 Crimelords for Your Pathfinder Vigilante)


With Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue book finally in the hands of the public, we thought we’d give your caped warlocks and masked grimdarks a bit of help… Help finding evil to fight! Because what good vigilante doesn’t have a Rogues Gallery? So GMs and hooded heroes everywhere…

8 Inspirations for Crimelords Enemies in Pathfinder

  • Attatha Greenwreath – “Grinning Water” – a malenti ninja  with a decidedly personal touch. Using her deceptive abilities she maintains her sea elven persona as dockmaster of one of the busiest ports in the area. People speak of night ships and a tendency for witnesses to meet grizzly ends in suddenly shark infested waters when they know too much. Smugglers near and far know that with her assistance and a hefty piece of the gains, they can get their wares to market.
  • Olys Dashille – “Mr. Sweetbite” – a human eldritch poisoner alchemist running a candy shop in a nicer neighborhood near the noble quarter he supplies chemics and poisons to the underbelly of the City. Employing a large number of unaware children as delivery runners, most of the city hasn’t the foggiest idea of the sinister nature of his store. He takes particular joy in standing so openly in the eye of the City and if possible likes to watch his victims eat his handiwork up close.
  • Malse Dashille – “Alleyjack” – a human master chymist and sister to Mr. Sweetbite, Malse has invented a serum to unleash her inner aggression. During the daylight she serves as physician to the nobility, trading on secrets she finds out to extort her patients. Also known to cover up for her brother and other poisoner’s work. When in the throws of the “deeper self” she becomes insanely jealous of other women she considers more pretty than herself and murders them in particularly gruesome manners. The city has dubbed the killings the “Alleyjack murders” assuming the perpetrator to be male.
  • Veln Ursatch – “Undermaster” – a half-elven necromancer, the son of an elven undertaker and bastard daughter of a prominent noble family, Veln spend most of his childhood in the parks with his mother looking at the life that “should have” been theirs. Studying the most dark of the books his father had gathered on embalming and corpse preservation, he became taking back from the nobles. Namely the bodies of their departed. Using his newly arisen undying servitors he began secretly connecting the crypts and vaults of the nobles into a secret undercity of the dead. He is known to keep his undead in pristine condition while working them and with his mother’s recent passing has made her “Queen” of the nobles she once envied.
  • Balzen Urnhammer – “The Sanguine Sage” – a dwarven bloodmage and information broker who specializes in reading information from blood and other bodily remains. While a honorary City Watch member and allowed to visit crime scenes, he rarely does so anymore. Rather his assistants bring him him rags and other remnants from crimes. He makes certain to disclose only information he cannot exploit or has no interest in otherwise. Each year he solves a case or two of incredible difficulty to maintain his prestige and influence.
  • Urgavi Asterun – “The Three Doves” – a tiefling taskshaper who long ago climbed the ranks of the city’s brothels, utilizing his shapeshifting abilities to rival the city’s foremost courtesans, the Three Doves. Each was a star of their relative establishments and overtime Urgavi arranged the deaths of each. Assuming ALL of their identities and clients, he has become the most desired creature in the city. Coaxing secrets as one only can across pillows, the tiefling has come to be Balzen’s foremost rival in information dealing.
  • Lady Porshi Nemmalus –  “The Forbidden Friend” – a human carnivore fallen (seducer) the Lady Nemmalus is notorious for her exotic appetites and flair for living dangerously. Ostentatious and deliberate, the Lady finds her way to the side of young nobles, up and coming commoners, and the occasional adventurer. Encouraging devil-may-care bravado she pushes and pushes until the new found companion can’t keep up. And then she devours them. Literally. Her secret fuels her powers as fallen but can’t hold her interest long enough and she moves on to a new target.
  • Unknown – “Whisperwhite” – A fetchling priest of Trickery and Sin, this mysterious priest wanders the City, secretly aiding the other Seven crimelords. Covering their mistakes and failures and reviving them should they fall, he sees the others and Sacred Vessels of Sin that will eventually allow him to call his Mistresses great demon servants to the mortal realm. And so he bides his time, moving through the Undermaster’s tunnels invisible to the dead making sure each of his chosen remain successful. His current assignments are as follows but he is known to cultivate replacements:
    • “Grinning Water” – Vessel of Greed
    • “Mr. Sweetbite” – Vessel of Pride
    • “Alley Jack” – Vessel of Wrath
    • “Undermaster” – Vessel of Envy
    • “The Sanguine Sage” – Vessel of Sloth
    • “The Three Doves” – Vessel of Lust
    • “Forbidden Friend” – Vessel of Gluttony

Looks like that vigilante and their friends have their work cut out for them! We hope you enjoyed this octet of evil. For more of our dirty secrets go to: d20pfsrd.com, drivethruRPG, Paizo and RPGNow.

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