The Tide is High (Book of Beyond Preview: Spectral Generator)


A while back we speculated on the possible power origins of psions, psychics and other character’s with strong Source connection in the Transitive Planes. Each of these beings wields a mutable planar energy that allows their Will to impact the Material Plane. Existing in a blurred liminal state between Transitive and Material, these beings are constantly swimming in currents of ambient planar power. But those who have access to more than one Transitive Planar energy may find themselves with access to unexpected synergies…

Transitive Tidal Action

Creative energies move through the Primal Planes, diffusing into the proto-reality of the Etheric Realm and in time resolve into the building blocks of the Marterial. Similarly, the generative energies of the Astral Realm thoughforms churn from the waking worlds to the afterworlds of the Beyond. Rivers of power moving into the finality of the Divine.

These energies are not without undercurrents. The miracles are granted like shooting stars form the Gods to the hands of their mortal agents. Distilled astral power manifesting quintessential entities to fill the needs of the psion’s Will. The denial of the dying retracting from the Beyond so violently as to crawl into the fringes of the Ethereal to become lost in a wandering unlife–sustained by energies more than willing to conform to the strong emotions of their suffering.

Some occultists who are dual-natured liminals with access to Ethereal and Astral energies have learned that it is possible to harness power from one Source to gather power from the other. Like a watermill’s wheel, they can accomplish more with the persistent force of the current then a single burst of energy of the Will.

Book of Beyond Preview: Spectral Generator

Spectral Generator (Liminal, Psionic)

Prerequisite: Mental Focus class feature, power point pool.

Benefit: Your understanding of Ghosts and both Astral and Etheric energy imprints has allowed you create a special type of implement known as a Spectral Generator. This item must have occult significance to a deceased psionic creature. It can be funerary garb, a magic item created by the psion, or remains of its physical form. You may invest mental focus in this Implement. It has no School and only grants a single Resonant Power:

Spectral Generation (Su): Ghostly energy patterns gather astral power as though the psionic creature affiliated with the implement were still alive. If you invest at least 1 mental focus in the Spectral Generator each round you gain 1 temporary psionic power point. For each 4 mental focus you invest in this implement you generate 1 additional temporary power point. These power points may only be only used to augment powers. Powers augmented in this manner can exceed your actual manifest limits. These power points may not be used in conjunction with the Overchannel feat or Wild Surge class feature. This process is disorienting and manifesting a power with this power points requires a Will save equal to the power’s own save DC (even if it does not normally have one) or you are dazed for 1 round after using the Spectral Generator. Unused power points dissipate at the end of each round.

Special:  You may take Spectral Generator in place of an implement school with GM approval.

For more liminal energy interactions, you can get the Book of Beyond WIP subscription now or wait for the stand alone Book of Beyond: Liminal Power! Available at:, drivethruRPG, Paizo and RPGNow.

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