Time Again (Book of Beyond: Echo Strike)

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Introduced in Interjection Games’ base class expansion for classes rooted in  Shadow Magic the concept of residuum is one we have explored in part for liminal power users to enhance spellcasting and power usage from other quasi-planar energies. Casters and antipodal classes are not alone in their abilities to benefit residual liminal energies…

Liminal Reality Manifestation

Beings able to draw on multiple planar realities due to potential liminal states or bi-planar lifeforces are often capable of expressing quasi-real objects, forces and creatures outside themselves. These manifestations tend to express as lose variable potentials such as shadow conjuration where the final resolution is determined at the last moment of coalescence or tight focused potentials such as the formations determined by the astral construct power.

Variable expressions tend to be ephemeral and can be resisted in part due to the quasi-real nature of their force. Focused expressions tend to be harder to resist and generally much be destroyed physically. Either of these expressions tend to require increasing expenditures of energy to acquire greater reality or stronger physicality.  In rare cases these concepts can be over-layed to create a reverse expression. A focused ability that is also resistible but requires very little energy to create…

Book of Beyond Preview: Echo Strike

You can cause your weapons to shed trails of shadowy afterimages, dream-like echos or etheric duplicates that follow in their wake that can strike your foes beyond your normal attacks.

Echo Strike (Liminal)

Prerequisite: Residuum pool, BAB +1 or or higher.

Benefit: You may discharge a point of residuum from your pool as a swift action to make a quasi-real echo attack with a weapon you have already attacked with this turn. This attack uses your highest attack bonus and uses the statistics of the same weapon that made the original attack. Spells, maneuvers or powers affecting the weapon are not duplicated. If the attack is successful, the target creature may make a Will save to resist the quasi-reality of the strike against a DC of 10 + 1/2 your character level or HD + Constitution modifier. If successful, the creature only takes 20% of the normal weapon damage. This feat is a supernatural ability.

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