Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (Gaming Cross-Pollination)

Experienced gamers will be among the first to recognize that the ancestral system of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game inspired multitudes of derivative fantasy games systems,  video games, card games and other media. What some gamers are slower to acknowledge is that these descendants can offer back inspirations as good as they took. When assembling campaign style guides the resources of these other game systems can be harnessed for your own sinister purposes.

Card Games as Pathfinder Resources

Imagine that a premium art series was created that dropped hundreds of tightly themed images every three months and made the vast majority of the free online for your to peruse at your leisure. Now stop imagining. Despite gamers individual feelings about games other than they one they enjoy, different games often provide tons of amazing art and content for inspiration that are just a few clicks away:

Nearly endless images to inspire your next Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign can flood from other game systems with just a few keywords. Don’t be afraid to isolate artists you like and find their pages on a ArtStation, DeviantArt or other similar pages. They are sometimes even available to take commissions if you need a custom piece of campaign art.

If you are looking for inspirations that are more mechanical check out our products available on d20pfsrd.com, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.

(When drawing inspiration from the art of others, please remember to credit. People spend vast amounts of time and money creating content for the world to enjoy, they should get credit for it.)

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