Punching in a Dream (Book of Beyond: Residual Recovery)

Godhunter Final

With Dreamscarred Press’ newest martial initiator book now available and its flood of mirror powers, dream weapons and other liminal manifestations it makes sense to explore possible interactions with other similar powers. For characters with access to both liminal magic or powers and martial maneuver training the interplay between their abilities can become increasingly synergistic…

Demiplanar Coalescence

When dealing with planes like the Ethereal, Prime Material energies and thoughts often present matrices of organization and structure far exceeding others present in the primal swirl of proto-reality. This fact is exploited by wizards to shape realms of their own designs (via magic like create demiplane spell) or unconsciously by dreamers to shape dreamscapes and in some senses the greater body of the Demiplane of Dreams.

Similarly, martial adepts particularly those with access to the Sleeping Goddess, Veiled Moon or Cursed Mirror disciplines can use similar interactions to master techniques allowing them to manifest weapons of dream, distort distances or replicate magical effects. These martial adepts are often liminal-awakened (possessing of a bi-planar interface) and some, like the collective forming zealot, even generate their own psychic power.

Residuum Attraction

The phenomenon of residuum is common to many liminal power users from ether-driven psychics to astral-infused psions. It is particularly the shadow-power infused edgeblade. This raw energy can often be used by such beings to enhance attacks or provide other benefits based of the innate attributes of the original liminal source. These tendencies can be biased by the power user as they are formed during power user or manifestation to favor certain traits for later use.

Book of Beyond Preview: Residual Recovery

With the wild potentials of Dream-infused ether and Shadow’s quasi-reality it is no surprise that some liminal power using martial adepts exploit the malleability to their advantage:

Residual Recovery (Liminal)

Prerequisite: Residuum pool, capable of initiating martial maneuvers.

Benefit: You may discharge any number of accumulated residuum points from your pool as a swift action to recover an expended martial maneuver. The amount of residuum expended must equal the level of the expended maneuver.

For more liminal energy interactions, you can get the Book of Beyond WIP subscription now or wait for the stand alone Book of Beyond: Liminal Power! Available at: d20pfsrd.com, drivethruRPG, Paizo and RPGNow.

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