Stay Beside Me… (Book of Beyond: Manifest Liminal Self)

Hollow One Final Path

In the soon to be cape and shadow filled world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue, we have been exploring the troubled waters of the minds of liminal power users, we have recently looked the idea of the liminal splinter selves and those who strain in the division with their others. Others still seek to exploit both their liminal state and their inner passengers…

Astral Extrusion

It is common enough practice for psionic beings to shape astral energy to mold ectoplasmic called astral constructs. These ectroplasmic extrusions are highly responsive to the manifesters will and assume attributes and customizations as the metacreative liminal desires. When a being has access to such abilities and carriers the presence of a Liminal Self the results can be quite different..

Book of Beyond Preview: Manifest Liminal Self

Manifest Liminal Self

Discipline Metacreativity (Creation)

Level psion/wilder 2

Display Visual

Manifesting Time Standard Action

Range Close (25′ + 5’/level)

Effect One summoned ectoplasmic form.

Duration 1 round/level

Saving Throw  none; Spell Resistance no

Power Points 3

Description: You may select one alternate character of 1st level you have a Liminal Self feat for. You shape astral energy and ectoplasm into a copy of the Liminal Self‘s physicality as it exists in the quasi-demiplane or dreamscape it comes from. This manifestation does not consume your daily uses of the feat or deplete your resources when it ends. You can not have more manifestations of this power active than you have Liminal Self feats.

Augment: For every additional power point you spend you can manifest a Liminal Self with a level of one greater.

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