Two Faces Have I… (Book of Beyond Preview: Liminal Self)

Races of the Lost Spheres - Bloodborn ©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Artist: Dio Mahesa

Races of the Lost Spheres – Bloodborn ©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Artist: Dio Mahesa

As the release of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue and the base class it will introduce, it only makes sense to explore the dark sides of the psyche for our Pathfinder RPG NPCs and player characters. In dealing with such characters it is important to explore the genesis of these “others” within… Particularly those who have access to Liminal Power.

Planar Interstices: Liminal Splintering

Recently we discussed the possible origins of multiple magical traditions with liminal state manipulation. Beings with these powers have points of tangency to transitive and other planar sources proximate to their own lifeforce. Psychics, psions, and shadowmages all drawing on this bi-planar nexus to empower their thoughts and desires with the supernature of more fluid realities.

A lesser expressed phenomena in this power origin is that of Liminal Splintering. In this situation the core power-user (core persona) is, through trauma, denial or even deliberate will, able to sheer fragments of persona off of their central being into the Liminal Plane their have connection with. The resulting sundering creates a splinter ego with ties to the Liminal Plane it now exists in. While the core persona grows, vicariously the splinter does as well. In times of extreme duress, the splinter sometimes exchanges places with the core gaining control of the physical form of the core.

These splinter selves have origins as broad as ancestral guides or benevolent wayfarers to aggressive psionic constructs or shadow energy id beasts. Many societies consider these beings holy and some call them possessed. A few practitioners claim this is more a practive of creating a “home” for another entity within the self, a sort of willing host relationship. Regardless of the nature of the splintering the power of the phenomena is impossible to deny…

Book of Beyond Preview: Liminal Self

Liminal Self (Liminal)

Prerequisite: Any one Mental attribute 13+, past or current exposure to a Liminal Plane or Liminal Source.

Benefit: Create a character as per the cohort rules (minimum level 1) outlined in the Leadership feat. This character exists within your mind and spirit, inside a dreamscape (or similar quasi-demiplane) created by your unconscious mind. As a full round action, you may relinquish control of your body to this character. Choose one mental ability score. For rounds equal to your chosen mental ability score modifier the alternate character is in control of your form as per the mind swap spell for one round of the selected attribute’s modifier. Your own mind is set adrift in the dreamscape (or similar Liminal construct) and unaware of the physical world. At 5th level and every five levels after, you may call forth your Liminal Self an additional time per day up to the limit of your selected ability modifier.

The process of calling forth your splinter self is enormously draining and when it ends you discharge all spell slots, power points and daily use abilities for your core persona and are inflicted by the fatigued condition until you rest. If you already had the fatigued condition you become exhausted instead. If you are exhausted you instead become unconscious.

Special: You may gain Liminal Self more than one time. Each time you must create a new alternate cohort character and tie the feat to a new mental ability score.

Shadow Self (Flaw)

Effect: You have no control over when your Liminal Self feat activates.  At the beginning of each round, the GM may call for to make an opposed Will save with your Liminal Self alternate character. If you lose, the mental transition begins and your Liminal Self manifests for the duration of the feat as per normal.

Benefit: You gain an additional (Liminal) feat.

Special: If you possess more than one Liminal Self, you must choose which is impacted by this flaw. With your GMs permission you select this Flaw a second time subject to the Flaw limitations of your campaign.

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5 Responses to Two Faces Have I… (Book of Beyond Preview: Liminal Self)

  1. Shane says:

    Is that supposed to rounds/ability modifier or rounds per ability score on Liminal Self?


  2. Shane says:

    That is to say that the liminal self starts 2 levels lower than you and not potentially higher level? lol


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