Beauty and the Beast (10+ Bestiaries Beyond the Bestiaries)


Friday we looked at some nice online resources if you were a new Humble Bundle (which ends today by the way) Pathfinder Player or reincarnating old soul of the tables. Today we wanted mention a few great bestiaries and monster books (a lot of them are on sale after all!)…

10+ Bestiaries Beyond the Bestiaries:

  1. Tome of Horrors Complete – Frog God Games: One of the largest single compilations of monsters there is, there are monsters you didn’t even realize were missing in this one. If you could only add one monster book to your game beyond the Bestiary, this might be the one. Fortunately, you’re probably the GM and can do what you want.
  2. Advanced BestiaryGreen Ronin Games: If the Tome of Horrors is the biggest monster collect, this is the daddy-of-all-daddy for templating monsters. This book is the single most valuable thing you can buy to keep your players guessing forever.
  3. Aventyr An all-star developer team throwing out another collection of wondrously weird monsters including fungal giants, pumpkin golems, slug queens and illusory cloaked zombie servants.
  4. Psionic BestiaryDreamscarred Press: If you are missing a certain high-collared be-tenacled mind flaying creature, this book introduces a wonderful grouping of strangely familiar aberrations. Add to this the support necessary to run with psionics in a Pathfinder campaign where the abilities are part of the monstrous ecologies of your world.
  5. Monsters of PorphyraPurple Duck Games: Jewel Golems, sentient Ioun Stones, and a pile of new PC races this book is infinitely usable and fun to mine. Its also quite easy on the eyes.
  6. Book of BeastsJohn Brazer Enterprises: Presented in tight thematic groupings, these monster supplments can populate an adventure in the Shadow Realm or enter the realms of legend with a volume particularly aimed at high-level games.
  7. Midgard Bestiary & Southlands Bestiary – Kobold Press: The recognizable cultural and mythological origins of the Midgard and the Southlands make these monsters as portable to new settings are they are fresh delves into familiar themes. A great source to find a new beastie to fill in an existing thematic group or region.
  8. Codex Draconis & Monster MenagerieRogue Genius Games: One of the most time consuming things about dragons in the very awesome ability of Pathfinder to customize and build out their specifics. But if you need a CR 14 dragon for TONIGHT, these have you covered. Want a whole range of harpies to challenge a group through a campaign, covered again. Life saver.
  9. Forgotten Foes – Fat Goblin Games (formerly Tricky Owl Bear): Many, many of the missing “friends” of the ancestral system can be found here. Not using psionics and want that mind slurping monster? Its here. So are floating eyes of doom. But more noteworthy are the unique things like Sin Dragons which seem to click into place with Paizo’s own campaign setting seamlessly.
  10. Mythic Monsters and the Mythic Monster ManualLegendary Games: If you are running a mythic game you have two options to challenge, prep like a madman or collect awesome mythic monsters like these. Old favorites get upgraded to mythic status alongside total unknowns. Critical for a busy GM who wants to run mythic.

Got a favorite monster manual we didn’t mention? Please add it in the comments below! We are always looking for more hideous things to stuff in the dungeon. If you want even more options for Pathfinder check out our products. Get the Book of Beyond WIP and the rest of the Lost Spheres Publishing backlist titles for 30% off until March 10th, 2016 on at, drivethruRPG, and RPGNow!

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