Belly of the Beast (10 fun 3pp Adventures)

Temple of Shadows - Tease

Temple of Shadows – Artist: Yuly Alejo

Yesterday we indicated some fun blogs and resources to check out if you were a new goblin or Society recruit from the Humble Bundle (which ends tomorrow by the way), or if you were an old hand sailing in from the Shackles. Today we wanted to point out a few fun and unique third-party adventures (a few of which might be on sale right now!)…

  1. Crisis of the World EaterLPJDesign: If you want cosmic comic book adventure peanut butter in your Pathfinder chocolate check out the Kickstarter of galactus.. er galactic proportions… We really enjoyed the intro adventure (It’s on sale for GMs Day: A Warning Too Late) and can’t wait to get the whole thing!
  2. Rise of the DrowAdventure-a-Week: If you were ever a fan of realms that were forgotten, you might recognize the dark elves of this one but the details and twists of this 6th to 20th level mega adventure!
  3. Assimilation Strain/Legendary Planet: Legendary Games’ opener for there space adventure line was a treat to play through at last year’s PaizoCon. More follow-ups are on the way from their Kickstarter and a horizon of pulp sci-fantasy opens up here. We can’t wait for the next installment.
  4. Coliseum MorpheuonRite Publishing: Gladiator games in the Plane of Dreams in a web of dizzying planar intrigue. Seriously amazing with some of the most strange and compelling NPCs. Seriously, you can get lost just reading the rich textures of this one.
  5. It Came from the Stars – Zombie Sky Press: While it is VERY easy get distracted by the delightful mechanical crunch aspects of this book, the three adventures in it shouldn’t be over looked for fans of alien horror. We got to play through this at PaizoCon a few years ago and STILL want more.
  6. Fen of the Five Fold MawTPKGames: An awesome swamp survival module with challenges enough for a robust party of strong characters. A strong delivery on some great lizardfolk classics. And you know… hydras.
  7. Haunting of Soldragon Academy – Headless Hydra Games: An excellent investigation adventure with some fun twists and and unique encounters, easily adaptable to any setting despite being affiliated with Mor Alden.
  8. Courts of the Shadow FeyKobold Press: Shadow Fey intrigue spills over into the mortal world. Dizzying immortal agendas and memorable characters are stuffed into nearly every corner of this one. Nice splashes of useful mechanics as well.
  9. Tales of ZobeckKobold Press: An anthology of urban adventures with adventures in the 1st to 6th level range this one covers mysterious investigation and clashes with rampaging madmen. Set in Zobeck but easily adaptible.
  10. Shadowed Keep on the BorderlandsRaging Swan Press: An “Old School” feel adventures with detailed crafting, bandits to throttle and a goodly amount of goblin blood to shed. The player handouts made us smile for hours of nostalgic glee.

This is just a VERY SMALL sample of the amazing adventures out there. Paizo provides this wonderful tool if you are looking for more. Or head to the Shop at d20pfsrd here.

If you know a great Pathfinder adventure we missed, please add it in the comments below! And if  you need new options to survive this adventures check out our products.  Get the Book of Beyond WIP and the rest of the Lost Spheres Publishing backlist titles for 30% off until March 10th, 2016 on at, drivethruRPG, and RPGNow!

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