Ready for the Weekend (10+ Useful Pathfinder Resources)

©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Swiftblood - Art: Dio Mahesa,

©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Swiftblood – Artist: Dio Mahesa

With the success of the Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG Humble Bundle, it is quite likely our hobby and game just got a  lot of new players (even assuming only 1 in 100 were actually new). It’s also the weekend and if you aren’t already planning to run a Pathfinder RPG game you might be looking for inspiration to get one going. If you are new or just looking for inspiration here are 10 resources (other than us) you might be inspired by or find useful:

  1. – Hands down the most comprehensive reference available for free users. A highly under utilized aspect of the site is that each entry does direct you to the original source material allowing you to realize when a resource that frequently pops up might need to added to you collection. If you just need a quick check on the mechanics of a thing this is probably your go to.
  2. thatboomerkid – Clinton Boomer generates some of the most interesting content out there and moreover supports multiple play levels from E6 to Mythic Adventures to Modern Genre. He is also uniquely humorous and entertaining to read. If you need a mythic, classed rakshasa monk that can corrupt an entire civilization between meals he is your guy.
  3. Owen K. C. Stephens has been involved in iterations of the Pathfinder Game and its “ancestral system” for years and displays some of the greatest comfort introducing new elements that really shake up the “assumed” nature of the game. Micro feats and rules element suggestions. If you want to play a hex dropping gun-punk that makes runs in a getaway tank from the future he is probably your guy.
  4. Raging Swan Press – Creighton Broadhurst is possibly the King of “Old School” Pathfinder with classic, stripped-down dungeons and adventures, tons of flavour text and thoughtful sprinkles of crunch. If you want to play a fighter strapping on a shield and cracking some goblin heads while your henchman holds your torch he is probably your guy.
  5. Everyman Gaming – The relentlessly engaged with the Pathfinder Alex Agundas as a window into a ton of flavorful third-party options AND a plethora of Pathfinder Society legal build information. If your want a pile of kitsune background info or info on making a society legal version of “Avatar the Last Airbender” he is probably your guy.
  6. Know Direction – Piles of podcasts and reviews from Ryan Costello, Jefferson Jay Thacker, and Alex Agundas (again). Experienced gamers with a handle on mechanical realities. If you want to know how useful a new release Hardcover is going to be to you while doing cardio at the gym, these are your guys.
  7. Improved Initiative – Neil Litherland may offer some of the best headchecks in the hobby. Whether challenging incorrect assumptions about basic rules or staring issues of the social metagame in the eye (GM Screen usage or GM Trust) he is almost always an interesting read. If you want to re-think or deep think aspects of the game he is probably your guy.
  8. Kobold Press – Wolfgang Baur and his cadre have been blasting out content for the ancestral system and Pathfinder for years. A good mix of new rules, a rich alternative Pathfinder setting with strong “real world” origins in Midgard, and general game advice. If you want to window shop for new ideas or mechanics but aren’t really sure what you want, this is the place to check.
  9. Geek and Sundry – While broader or sometimes system agnostic G&S still shows plenty of Pathfinder love. And more importantly, if you are bridging in new gamers, the site has some great, accessible content to get people familiar with basic concepts. If the idea is to get a new gamer understanding the most basic roleplaying game concepts, then Critical Role might be a great tool for you.
  10. – If Geek and Sundry was helpful but your want a little crunchier and more specific Pathfinder videos, their youtube channel offers some pretty solid introductory videos. If you are working with a new player who is struggling with the basics, these could be the folks you need.

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want some more awesome (if slightly less frequent) 3rd Party Rules crunch or gaming commentary don’t miss: Dreamscarred Press, Rite Publishing, Interjection Games, Knotty-Works, Ennead Games, Fat Goblin Games, Little Red Goblin Games, Necromancers of the NorthwestThe OnCall GM, TPKGames or the Four Hoursmen and a bunch more (Paizo’s big list).

If you know a great Pathfinder resource we missed, please add it in the comments below! We are always looking for more connectivity to great gaming advice. If you want even more options for Pathfinder check out our products.  Get the Book of Beyond WIP and the rest of the Lost Spheres Publishing backlist titles for 30% off until March 10th, 2016 on at, drivethruRPG, and RPGNow!

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5 Responses to Ready for the Weekend (10+ Useful Pathfinder Resources)

  1. Tim Wallace says:

    I’m biased, but I like to think that my blog Errant d20 Designer ( offets some fun options for Pathfinder players to use. Also, if you just want Pathfinder Core products, I suggest you make use of the official Pathfinder PRD ( over Finally, if you want a Pathfinder quick reference for your android device, make sure to pick up the free Pathfinder Open Reference App (

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  2. Thanks for the shoutout! Just a small correction to the link: will work best. Happy gaming!


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