Someone New – (Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres & Occult Classes – Super Genius)


For quite a while in pre or post game chats, the possible builds of our “iconics” from Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres get bantered around with playtesters and friends. Osri, our iconic elf Super-Genius mythic path character might be one of the most discussed. The path she represents very much supports the rogue abilities and classes skill set (literally) and many of us initially just nodded and said that’s probably what she is and left it alone. Another player mentioned her fondness for potion vials and bottles and it was posited that she was possibly an alchemist. Strangely, the core path abilities for Super-Genius still supported the idea. Some path abilities shifted but as an alchemist, Osri was still our super-intelligent badass solidly, particularly with the vivisectionist archetype.

Enter Occult Adventures

As time marched on people occasionally submitted that Osri was probably a member of a number of several 3rd party classes including Rogue Genius’ shadow assassin, talented rogue, and even hellion. LPJ’s machinesmith was suggested. More followed. Then came Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures.

And someone asked, “Is Osri an occultist?”

This was a little loaded because in the work-in-progress for Book of Beyond, we have an additional mythic path, the Wielder, that was more oriented toward occultists than the Super-Genius path. But the nagging suspicion remained that Osri’s puzzle-box might indeed be a receptacle of her latent psychic powers…

Super-Genius Occultist

If indeed Osri is both occultist class and Super-Genius mythic path we wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be behind the curve with her mythic companions. Walking through the numbers it became clear that occultist Osri didn’t disappoint:

  • Moment of Brilliance – Speed of Thought: Osri is a long game player and as an occultist the defensive versatility of this ability allows her to survive long enough to match her extensive collection of implements and items to the exact need of the situation.
  • 1st tier – Anatomical Insight: Osri is not a rogue in this rendition so the added accuracy and damage of this introductory mythic power might be what she needs in extended combats where resource management is key.
  • 2nd tier – Perfected Technique: Osri can amp up item performance get more out of her wands and scrolls almost guarantee the success of her most devastating attacks. Some GMs might rule that she can use this ability in conjunction with implements.
  • 3rd tier – Armor of False Intention: An early life investment in he Convincing Liar trait pays off as Osri’s Bluff becomes an addition to her defensive arsenal. Flourishes of her longcoat make her as almost as hard to hit as it is hard for her to find tailors to fix it.
  • 4th tier – Devious Defense: Osri’s deceptive dodges allow her all the time she needs to match tool to task and implement a solution to her current dungeon delving dilemma.
  • 5th tier – Kit Bash: Osri’s knowledge of magical items has allowed her to treat her wands, dorjes and staves as broader tools allowing her to sub-out spell and power effects more suited to her needs.
  • 6rh tier – Darkest Intention: Our Super-Genius now treats the dullards of the world as the buffoons she knows they are nearly always catching them off guard and harrying them with deadly and percise item based attacks.
  • 7th tier – Uncanny Refit: Now taking item function to be suggestions at best, our Super-Genius spins modifications allowing her nearly infinite versatility in the field for whatever the moment demands.
  • 8th tier – Language of Magic: With a mastery of language and magic that outstrips most wizards, Osri now begins to comprehend the magic spoken around it well enough to ape its powers. Gil becomes a preferred travel companion.
  • 9th tier – Transcendent Genius I: Osri’s constant defensive maneuvers catalyze her latent psionic abilities and precognition, defensive becomes an innate ability for her as glimpses into the future become instinctive.
  • 10th tier – Transcendent Genius II: Osri’s explorations in mystic realignment begin to take form in the for of metamorphosis, minor as she begins to alter the form of her body with her mind alone.

Now, assuming the Wielder path was also available, our Super-Genius is smart enough to stop by the Dual Path feat and make a few changes to the above line-up. So is this the “cannon” Osri? That mystery might just stay beneath the long coat for now…

Want to puzzle out more of our options? You can get Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres (with the Super-Genius path and 9 more) or pre-order with the Book of Beyond WIP subcription (and get the Wielder and Herald mythic paths immediately) or see our other products at:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.


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