Book of Love (Parities of Hyraeatan – The Bookbinders)

Continuing explorations of our upcoming release of Hyraeatan, City in Shadow. The demiplanar metropolis is ruled by a Council comprised of fourteen rival factions known as the Parities. The Parities espouse the titular balance of Light and Dark as such the claims seven of each. The would-be keepers of all knowledge, the Bookbinders, labor in the Dark by candlelight…

Book Binders Icon

Parity: Dark

Nicknames: Docs, Dusts, Librarians

Beliefs: Another Parity that claims an ambiguous timeline, the Bookbinders assert they were there when Aphos first researched his post-vampiric Ascension. They claim this as they claim to have been present at every event of import to Hyraeatan. Some Bookbinders go further claiming that the Parity has been present at nearly every event of significance ever in Creation. While most find the claim ridiculous, any who have locked gazes with a high-ranking Bookbinder’s eyes aren’t always so sure.

The Bookbinders assert that all Knowledge must be kept, and that which is Kept must be Protected. The why’s and how’s of these edicts very from member to member and are not made simpler because of the various eras of organizational structures they have used when organizing their multitudinous book-hordes. These systems are often abandoned mid-implementation only leading to more confusion.

Whispers speak of the Bookbinders’ resources and passions going to incredible lengths to gather Knowledge, including maintaining a massive espionage network stretching through the other Parities and far beyond Hyraeatan itself. This system of spies has led the common people of Hyraeatan to romanticize a group of stodgy scholars as often being far more than they appear. Some claim they even employee strange magics ranging from forbidden divinations and temporal alteration to secure the Knowledges that they crave.

Primary Facilities: The Tower of Pages long ago filled with books and forced the Parity out into what is now called Sageward. The Bookbinders maintain dozens of Libraries through the city. The all but open secret of the Bookbinder’s spy network has been employed by the Council on more than one occasion to the Parity’s advantage. The administration of the Parity is diffused through locations not exactly clear to even the membership at large.

Allied and Enemy Parities: The Ashborn and Blackblade Parities both advocate policies of destruction that work against the Bookbinders’ preservation efforts. The Bookbinders find free interview access with the Temple of Coin and the Eternal Dawning, while equally resenting the House of Heights, the Icegrave Enclave and the Sanguine Sovereignty’s control of the historical information.

Desired Membership: Recruiting efforts for the general membership are very reserved affairs, most sages and researchers just gravitate to the Parity in time from everyday common sense. Higher ranking members may recruit with a single-minded focus when pursuing the needs of their research. These obsessions lead to the enlisting of specialists, logistics people and on occasion muscle.

Rewards: Access to the Libraries and (more importantly) assistance with the antediluvian organizational methods and confusion of the Bookbinders storage is the single greatest benefit to membership. Favors and requests are not cheap however and even members occasionally find efforts frustrating. The experts of the Parity are also more willing to aid members than to aid outsiders, though that isn’t always saying much.

Denials: The Bookbinders have only the requirement that Knowledge recovered is not destroyed. Members can request that something be classified as “sensitive” and thus a potential danger to the Parity or Hyraeatan which may nearly be as effective as destroying it once it is filed.

More info on Hyraeatan can be found in the Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres appendix and the upcoming Book of Beyond WIP. Hyraeatan, City in Shadow will be available later this year. For our other products visit:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.

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