Down Under (Undercasting in Book of Beyond)

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Two Against the Dark – Artist: Zefanya Maega

In the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures book we were given the general rules for psychic magic and how it was unique among is arcane and divine peers. Chief among the mechanics was the somewhat ancestral system-honoring idea of undercasting spells.

Undercasting  Psychic Magic: Origins

From the Occult Adventures expansion:

“Some psychic spells can be undercast. This means that the spellcaster can cast the spell at the level that he knows, or as any lower-level version of that spell, using the appropriate spell slot. When a spellcaster undercasts a spell, it is treated exactly like the lower-level version, including when determining its effect, saving throw, and other variables. For example, a psychic spellcaster who adds ego whip III to his list of spells known can cast it as ego whip I, II, or III. If he casts it as ego whip I, it is treated in all ways as that spell; it uses the text and the saving throw DC for that spell, and requires him to expend a 3rd-level spell slot.

Whenever a spontaneous spellcaster adds a spell to his list of spells known that can be undercast, he can immediately learn a spell in place of each lower-level version of that spell he knows. In essence, he loses each earlier version and can replace it with another spell of the same level that is on his spell list.”

In prior posts we looked at the potential liminal nature of psychic magic. In particular the clustering effects of the demiplanar coagulating Ethereal Plane. Energies and matter seems to cluster like to like, and similarly, spiritual streams and tendencies of power would likely structure similarly. This “clustering” effect would likely create fractal blooms of etheric power creating repeating patterns of magnitude allowing a user to manifest the largest impression she  could manage or any smaller iteration of the energetic pattern.

Undercasting Realities

Conceptually, the undercasting premise was introduced in the general guidance for the psychic magic system but for whatever reason only finds its versatility making its way into the hands of the actual psychic class. While, as a premiere caster of the psychic discipline, the psychic class should likely display the greatest facility with this aspect of liminal magic, it seems highly unlikely it would be the only class to benefit from this effect.

This being true, a principle guidance of the Book of Beyond is to rectify this and expand the concept to the broader family of psychic classes. Bringing dozens of new undercasting experessions to the occult magic universe and paring them with the karmic balancing Burden mechanic. We hope to bring a little more justice and balance to the occultists, mesmerists and spiritualists of the Pathfinder RPG worlds.

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