A Girl Worth Fighting For (Heralds as Antagonists)

Mythic Paths - Herald Cover - Preview

Herald’s Ascent – Artist: Zefanya Maega

With Book of Beyond: Herald Mythic Path finally available, we’d like to highlight that as with the original Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres, we made sure the Herald not only supported heroes who wished to fly the silver spaceways but also to provide challenges to mythic and non-mythics heroes in the form of engaging challenges and villains.

Herald Antagonists

The Herald mythic path can support a diverse number of antagonistic entities from the strange visitor to the rebel objector, here are a few ideas:

  • Voice of Hunger – This is the classic angel of the end or voice of the eater of worlds. This herald will generally seek to target specific resistance to its masters eventual coming. As a villain this is a fairly straight forward role and probably one of the easiest to plan as a GM. Likely path abilities: Energetic Conversion, Cosmic Shell, Transformed Servitude.
  • Strange Experimenter – This herald is an instrument of a master seeking to understand the PCs world. This could be by challenging them with life from other worlds, assaulting their minds, or even empowering them as potential servants of the Master. Likely path abilities: Call Vassals, Alien Presence, Cosmic Imbuement
  • Mysterious Abductor – Similar to the Experimenter, the Abductor Herald can facilitate shifts in campaign setting or homeworld taking the party away to new locations and the observing how they fair. Likely abilities: Cosmic Awareness, Cosmic Voyage, Embrace the Specimen.
  • Rebel Objector – The Herald has grown weary of the Master’s needs and now seeks to “spare” the PCs homeworld by destroying the things its master seeks.. This sort  of story allows the Herald to assume varied roles throughout the course of the story. Likely abilities: Powers of the Chosen, Lore of the Outer Void, Sense the Quarry.

Those are just a few quick ideas. Heralds can provide a lot of fun options as potential bad guys for mythic and non-mythic characters furthering the story in unusual ways and linking settings that otherwise might never touch!

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