There Is A Light And It Never Goes Out… (Parities of Hyraeatan – Eternal Dawning)

Today we are continuing previewing the content of our upcoming release of Hyraeatan, City in Shadow. The demiplanar metropolis is ruled by a Council comprised of fourteen rival factions known as the Parities. The Parities espouse the titular balance of Light and Dark as such the claims seven of each. The Crusaders of the Eternal Dawning stand as perhaps the most literal of the Parities of Light…

Eternal Dawning Icon - Metalics

Parity: Light

Nicknames: Beacons, Blindspots, Gems, Shinies

Beliefs: The Eternal Dawning has the distinction of being the most “recent” addition to the Parities of the City in Shadow its Crusaders only having arrived a few centuries ago. Driven from their homeland by the ravages of a magic-corrupting plague, the Eternal Dawning has taken up the quest to seek a way cleanse their homeworld. This in turn has led them to travel and seek answers in disparate corners of Creation.

As the Dawning finds other civilizations, particularly those in the grips of plagues, corruption, curses or sin, they have offered a hand and accepted those wishing to seek a better life. As such they have adopted societies and races time and time again as the Crusade continued to seek the cures to its own and now dozens of other maladies and curses. The presence of the Jeweled Lords, a group of immortal mystics, allows the Crusade to maintain focus despite a constant influx of diverse cultures and peoples.

Their arrival in Hyraeatan allowed the Parities to set their balance right after an older Parity, the Radiant Order had abandoned its Tower. The opportunity to establish a base of operations so close to the planar “highways” of the Black Lattice could not be ignored. The Pearl Lady and Lord Spinel brought a large contingent to City in Shadow and have maintained a presence ever since.

Primary Facilities: The renamed Tower of Jewels (Once called the Tower of Light.) is still thought to possess an undue amount of influence from its prior residents and the events that caused them to abandon it. Members of the Dawning occasionally take it upon themselves to delve the structure but few return willing to speak of the experience. As such the Dawning maintains an exterior village that they still call the Camp despite its tents long since giving way to sturdy, sensible buildings.

Allied and Enemy Parities: Among the Parities of Light, the House of Heights welcomes the Jeweled Lords as paragons of the Immortal and exerted an heavy influence over the original decision to recognize the Dawning as a Parity. Meanwhile the Chrysalis Covenant regards them poorly due to their rivalry as healers and the refusal of the Jeweled Lords and Xo Ascendants to share their paths of Metamorphosis. Among the Parities of the Dark,  Bookbinders benefit from the proximity of the Camp to Sageward and the Dawning has been free with interviewers and biographers adding volumes to the Libraries. Disadvantageous negotiations have placed the Dawning in no small debt to the Temple of Coin and the relationship has soured over the years. The Sanguine Sovereignty’s propagation of the “disease” of vampirism has often led to whisper discussions of a day when the Dawning will cleanse Hyraeatan.

Desired Membership: Recruits to the Eternal Dawning are most often healers, abjurers, and those who would take up the sword against corruptive evil. However, more and more Prime Material natives lost to Shadow gravitate to the Camp and its echoes of simpler life. Many of these immigrants take up the culture, ideals and even Gods of the Dawning and are swelling its numbers.

Rewards: Magic to break curses and heal a thousand maladies are scattered around the Healing Huts of the Camp, but the primary reward the Eternal Dawning offers is to Prime Material natives, that of safety and recognizable culture being the only place in Hyraeatan with sizable human populations.

Denials: The Dawning forbids its members the Blessings of the Temple of Coin and to court embrace by the Sanguine Sovereignty. Necromancy is policed in the Camp and mages who practice it are expected to present open research and hide no aspect of their work.

More info on Hyraeatan can be found in the Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres appendix and the upcoming Book of Beyond WIP. Hyraeatan, City in Shadow will be available later this year. For our other products visit:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.

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