If You Could See… (Parities of Hyraeatan – The Foreseen)

Today we are continuing previewing the content of our upcoming release of Hyraeatan, City in Shadow. The demiplanar metropolis is ruled by a Council comprised of fourteen rival factions known as the Parities. The Parities espouse the titular balance of Light and Dark as such the claims seven of each. Today we look at a fifth Parity, the futurist faction of the Foreseen.

Parities of Hyraeatan: Foreseen

Forseen Icon Full

Parity: Light

Nicknames: Gazers, Psykes, Spooks, Tomorrow Children

Beliefs: The Foreseen’s founders came to Hyraeatan because (they claimed) they had to. Revealing the nature of their precognitive skills they had been forewarned of a calamity that may have destroyed the City in Shadow. They quickly proved themselves of value to the Council and by the time the Parities were formalized were already thought of as part of it.

The Foreseen cultivate the ability to experience Insight and with it shape the Future. Often cryptic natures and this forward thinking behavior frequently work against the Parity in social settings. With a membership often thought to be distracted, manipulative, crazy or all three interactions tend from mind-numbingly boring to riotously unexpected.

A final tenet of the order is that of Commitment. Once the Future desired is seen, for predictive abilities to function at their apex, efforts in to act on insight must be consistent. This tenet more than any is the genesis of more stress inside and out for the Parity. Each memebers Commitment may range from single-mind persual to chaotic, rapid changes in behavior to hone in on the exact desired outcome. Methods of Insight also are evaluated, supported and verified in ways that can place group membership at odds.

Primary Facilities: The Tower of Vision is a ghostly place full of a minimal amount of functionaries and burocrats, filling only during occasions of significance. A larger membership group maintains the Grand Orrery, a predictive model of planar alignment that why principally an academic structure has been instrumental in forewarning the city time and time again. The building also portrays the most complete and current maps of the Black Lattice and is frequently visited by members of the collaborative force that polices the planar pathway. The rest of the membership are most often found “where they need to be” — an answer sure to frustrate most non-member associates after any length of affiliation.

Allied and Enemy Parities: As they support the Wardens of the Lattice tactically, most of the Foreseen’s rivals have taken subdued routes to opposition. Openly, of the Light, the Descendants of Dream compete for gifted psionicists and psychics to near traumatic ends for initiates. The House of Heights has enjoyed long periods of friendship with the Foreseen and is rumored to help more than one prophet among them transcend the limits of age. Meanwhile for the Dark Parities, the Bookbinders often become incensed at the disregard for explanation or recap of the Foreseen’s occasionally erratic actions. The Foreseen’s largest enemy is generally thought to be the Parity itself as rival factions shape Insight toward their desired Futures at odds with one another or sudden course corrections result in outwardly appearances of inconsistency.

Desired Membership: Foreseen membership MUST demonstrate some level of predictive ability. This does NOT however, require supernatural power. Rather an individual of mathematical skill in analysis of statistics or a warrior capable of reading body-language are as likely to be sought as a visionary. All sciences, arcane and mundane must be plied to achieve the Future with the greatest efficacy. These tests are notoriously easy when the order has already predicted a need for an individual to be recruited and as many as half the members claim to have been “prophesied.”

Rewards: Members of the Parity are provided with intel on nearly any situation they ask the leadership for. Most members realize that this information is as likely to be part of a larger design as it is to be all-inclusive or comprehensive. The order boasts are large number of psychics and mentalists of nearly all disciplines that will offer services at discount. High ranking membership are said to have access to devices and chambers that provide even ungifted individuals with glimpses of the future.

Denials: The Foreseen observe that true communication is telepathic and that the clouded landscape of language is to be considered an inferior connection and possibly hostile battlefield. This leads to members with long stretches of silence and those with staccato verbal styles or webs of obfuscating metaphor each intended to participate in conversation “combat”.

More info on Hyraeatan can be found in the Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres appendix and the upcoming Book of Beyond WIP. Hyraeatan, City in Shadow will be available later this year. For our other products visit: d20pfsrd.com, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.

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