Burn It Down (Parities of Hyraeatan – Ashborn)

With Paizo’s most recent racial supplement and this week’s earlier mention, today we are futher delving the content of our upcoming release of Hyraeatan, City in Shadow. The demiplanar metropolis is ruled by a Council comprised of fourteen rival factions known as the Parities. The Parities espouse the titular balance of Light and Dark as such the claims seven of each. Reviewing the Parities however, we can see that the despite claimed affiliations the Parities of Light are not always orders of simple purity…

Parities of Hyraeatan: Ashborn

Ashborn Icon

Parity: Light

Nicknames: Ashers, Burners, Coalkids, and Sootswords

Beliefs: The Ashborn hold to the ideal of a perfected Creation. Each member carries the truth of this in their heart, often called the Seed. Their philosophy states for the Seed to grow to the promised perfection, the multiverse must be cleared of the Flaw. Burning away the Flaw is then the path to their goals and the Parities primary occupation.

Not to be dismissed as raving pyromaniacs (though they have an ample supply) the Asborn pursue the Flaw with a deep and abiding passion. Flaws needn’t be purely physical either. Any obstacle to perfection’s Seed be it an unjust law, a rusted breastplate or an troublesome belief should be fed to the flame. The other Parities have seen fit to give the Ashborn charge for protecting Hyraeatan from the Flaws of Creation and they oversee the standing army of the city.

Fire is their Radiance and they claim it fiercely deriding other Parities for their fear or misuse of it. Particularly they eye the Steamwalkers who they see as diluting the cleansing power of the element with their endless churning of arcane experiment and needless drains of resources. Resources the city could be using to defend itself (and line the coffers of the Ashborn)

Primary Facilitities: The Wingshadow Barracks. The standing army is housed in these seven buildings. Most membership eschews the Tower of Ash, the official seat of the Parity and often times even the highest ranks of leadership are found among the soldiers of the Seed.

Allied and Enemy Parities: Among the Parities of Light, the Steamwalkers’ obssesion with endless experimentation for its own sake is frustrating and often considered Flaw, though their rivals partnership with fire makes the usual methods of Ashborn ‘negotation’ less effective. The House of Heights’ dogma of the Eternal can cross purposes with the Parity, but only when perceived as Flaw. The Parities of Dark outright enemies in the Bookbinders, Temple of Coin and Icegrave Enclave all having strong ties to preservation of even Flawed material goods. Meanwhile they find allies in the Blackblades for the shared views of generative destruction.

Desired Membership: Recruiters of the Ashborn are relatively straightforward. They seek those who can clear the way for the Seed and those who can nurture it. Soldiers and professional mercenary houses are often drawn to the Parity as well as magic users that specialize in destructive or fire magic. Surprisingly, they also include a surprising number of healers among their number. Since the threats to Hyraeatan, while occasionally horrifying, are not always common the Ashborn encourage members to “Seek the Flaw” a pseudo-pilgrimage that allows for mercenary work while scouting for potential bars toward the progress of perfection and the Seed.

Rewards: Members have access to some of the best martial training known in Creation. Also they have access to healing magic and purification, master smiths and ample mercenary work. At high ranks, the Parity even reincarnates fallen members through a secret ritual said to bring its members closer to the Seed.

Denials: Members of the Ashborn are generally forbidden to become merchants. Reselling another’s work is to deviate from the Seed within and lose sight of perfection. Craftsman of the Parity are directed to vend goods personally and offer up what they can to support the already generous funds of the Council to maintain the Ashborn’s army.

More info on Hyraeatan can be found in the Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres appendix and the upcoming Book of Beyond WIP. Hyraeatan, City in Shadow will be available later this year. For our other products visit: d20pfsrd.com, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.

OGL Note: None of this entry is considered Open Content.

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