Deeper Everyday – (Empowering Shade)

Hollow One Final Path

Over the past two days we have considered ways that etheric energies interact with astral power and shadow planar effects. Continuing the line of exploration, today we consider how shadeborn quasi-reality can be applied to its liminal mirrors.

Shadow Conjuration and Evocation

The quasi-reality of the shadow plane allows near any mater or energy to be reflected subject to the deleterious proximity of negative energies. Arguments as to exact relationship of the interplay swing between negative planar decay to primal proto-matter (causing rapid failure in conjured matter or energy) or entropic decay of realities or their prohibitions (allowing the user to extend their will in quasi-real manifestation). Regardless of the origin, shadow magic allows for reality shaping that only is eroded in the presence of oppositional will.

Resisted effects can be by incremental measures, ignored having only fractional effect. This effect also obfuscated another potential use of shadow’s quasi-reality. That of empowering spells or effects from other transitive origins by those same fractional measures of reality…

Book of Beyond Preview:

Empowering Shade [metamagic]

Prerequisites: Able to cast spells with illusion (shadow) or possess a shadow pool of at least 1 point; and cast 1st level psychic conjuration spells, manifest metacreativity powers or any spell or power with an energy descriptor.

Benefit: You can sacrifice a (shadow) spell slot (or spend a shadow pool point) to enhance your psychic conjuration spells, metacreativity powers or any spell or power with an energy descriptor to make a special Will save versus the effect to be augmented. If successful you infuse shadow quasi-reality into the spell or power.

For each level of shadow magic the sacrificed spell slot was you may either increase the effects damage or duration 10% (minimum +1 round duration). Alternatively, for each shadow pool point spent, the effect is augmented as though 2 spell levels were sacrificed. You may only spend 1 shadow pool point this way per four character levels you possess.

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