Everything’s Coming Up Roses (Ether Bloom Preview)


Yesterday’s exploration of the liminal empowerment origin of mentalists led to the possibility of dual-infused summoning or manifestation effects. After yesterday’s delve of potential Astral implications today we can take a look at another possible application:

Ether Bloom

Prerequisites: Able to cast 1st level psychic spells, able to cast spells with illusion (shadow) or manifest metacreativity (creation) powers.

Benefit: You can sacrifice a psychic magic spell slot to enhance your illusion (shadow) or metacreativity (creation) powers. For each level of psychic magic the sacrificed spell slot was you may either increase DCs to resist your illusion (shadow) spells by 1 or augment a metacreativity (creation) power you manifest as though you had spent 2 power points.

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