Better Together (Book of Beyond: Astral Infusion)


Further exploring yesterday’s posit that each mentalist source is potentially due to a liminal state between material and transitive planes we find that each group has certain similarities to one another. Namely,  they all summon things.

Transitive Expressions

Each mentalist group has signature expressions of its affiliate transitive planes. One of the most common is the ability to express creatures and pseudo-life summoned from or by one’s transitive source:

Astral Construct (Psionic Expression) – Following the astral empowerment psionic characters experience, this power allows for precise and modular construction of the desired pseudo-creature via the astral construct power.

Summon Monster (Etheric Expression) – With the parceled demiplanar nature of the it is unsurprising that four of the six new occult classes have the summon monster spells available. With demiplanar, ethereal and inner planar creatures close at hand to their transitive source this affinity only makes sense.

Shadow Conjuration (Shadow Expression) – Shadow matter’s quasi-real nature allows for intense maliability at the cost of shedding some (if not a majority) of its reality as per the shadow conjuration and shadow evocation spells. This allows shadow manipulators supreme versatility in expression and need to force the belief in or reduce resistance to their associated powers.

Transitive Synergy (Astral Infusion)

If a mentalist expresses their source via transitive expression, Coul a mentalist also draw on a second source to enhance an different source’s expression? Astral energies for example being used to enhance a summons or shadow effect… We say YES! …leading to today’s Book of Beyond‘s preview power:

Astral Infusion

Discipline Metacreativity (Creation)

Level cryptic 1, psion/wilder 1

Display Visual

Manifesting Time Immediate Action

Range Touch or Self

Effect One Illusion (Shadow) or Conjuration (Summoning)

Duration 1 round/level

Saving Throw  none; Spell Resistance no

Power Points 1

Description: You flood yourself or an ally’s spell effect with a bloom of astral energy to enhance its reality. The effect must be an illusion (shadow) or conjuration (summoning) spell. Shadow subtype spells gain a 10% increase to their attacks and effects on a succesful Will save for the duration. Summoned creatures from a conuration (summoning) spell gain 1 option from the Astral Construct Menu A abilities for the duration of the power.

Augment: You can augment this power in one or both of the following ways.

1 For every 2 additional power points you spend, the effect of the targeted illusion (shadow) spell increases by another 10%.

2 If you spend 6 additional power points, you can instead grant 1 option from Menu B from the Astral Construct Menu or 2 Menu A abilities to creatures from conjuration (summoning) spells. If you instead augment the power twice this way you may add an option from Menu C in exchange for both Menu B choices.

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