Rolling in the Deep – (Kings of Chaos – Finishing School)


Wrapping up Kings of Chaos week, we had looked at wild magic in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game starting with the primalist and moving through several third-party options. We explored retrofitting a character with archetypes and the chaos surge spell series. The good news is for chaos enthusiasts this is just the beginning! Below are a list of other golden nuggest of madness and surrender to the bliss of the wild. And cones of kittens. Kittens people.

Expanded Resources – (Kings of Chaos – Finishing School)

In the expanded sphere of the permissive gaming community, there exists a scattering of wondrous and astounding jewels of Chaos. Here are some of our recommendations and favorites:

  • Kobold Press’ colleciton of the deepest magic – a chaos magic wizard specialist, chaotic spell lash (random damage whip),  chaotic vitality (a random harm and healing spell – note: actually allowed a chaos mage healer to be played effective… sometimes), summon wondrous item (random magic items!), and the wonder school of magic.
  • Rite Publishings spell compendiumflashy defenses (random resistances), chaotic blast (random attack effects including – CONE OF KITTENS! Well, any small mammal actually so RAT BURST if you must.),  chaos unleashed (zones of chaos), chaotic visions (random precognition), chaotic bolt (random energy bolts), curse of chaos (random transformation curse), hex of chaos (random afflictions), mirror of chaos (warp defense), nauseating chaos (force a target to expel random objects from within), pandemonium (chaos storms), warpwall (wall that randomly scatters breach attempts), wildblast (random energy)
  • Purple Duck’s illuminatus book – This supplement ALSO has chaos spells and feats in it that are NOT exclusive to the class and would be a must for the extreme wild magic guru (before blowing himself up) including: wild potential (random caster level adjustment feat!!!), greater wild potential, create wild magic zone, fray magic (dispel magic that results in random magic releases!!!), prismatic bolt, prismatic mantle, and warp magic.
  • Necromancers of the Northwest – There are so many random variable or mode spells from this company. Some based off spellcraft checks and other with uncontrolled triggers. Their third, forth and fifth collections have great options. Their almanac series also has some worthy options as well.

We hope you enjoyed Kings of Chaos week! Don’t forget that wild magic is a wonderful option to enliven your game but your tables will take longer to reference. Have them as handy as possible and when you can roll ahead, do so. Respect the other players at the table and they will be much more forgiving when you accidentally turn their paladins into goats.

You can also check out our character options available at:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.)

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