Just Lose It – (Kings of Chaos – Existing Characters)


So far we this week have checked out the primalist (Paizo’s Chaos wizard), the illuminatus from Purple Duck Games, a couple card mages and an ancestral system chaos mage for options to get wild magic in the Pathfinder RPG. But sometimes the decision to deviate into the weird comes after character generation? Don’t worry Rogue Genius Games has you covered.

Chaos Magic – (Kings of Chaos – Late Bloomers)

The Chaos Magic supplement from RGG contains a tight suite of spells and mechanics that can easily be used to add a high degree of chaos to an existing character. In this innocent looking collection we get:

  • Chaos Surge General Rules: This is the scope we can expect, similar too and different than Paizo’s primal magic tables. Also worth noting is a “GMs Delight” result which can be quite entertaining to toy with.
  • Chaos Surge I-XI: That’s right spells that are pretty much GOING to cause a surge. Sure you get to TRY for something you want and it can EXCEED its spell slot or sometimes be a spell choice you don’t even know yet (not every surge allows this) but… you are probably gonna just lose it so don’t bank on it. The caster level check increases as your own caster level does making it near impossible to guarantee to the result your “planned on”. Psssh. Plan.
  • Spells: The book has other cool chaos spells that have increased effects when powered by a Surge-risking spell (and a good deal of luck!) like the mind-bending bedlam blade, maelstrom cloud, and spell babble. There a few more in there too.
  • Chaos Mage (Archetype): A general archetype that replaces core powers of most spell casting classes and grants them overcasting allowing higher spells to be powered by lower slots with a chance of Chaos Surge. This could also be used to simulate a mage whose powers “went wild” gaining the AT late in life and losing older bloodline or specialty traits.
  • Spellstorm (Archetype): A rare take on a raging spellcaster, the spellstorm gains great benefits in an “eldritch fury” but all spells cast while in it have a trigger chance for Chaos Surge. This is one of the few options that is probably a less attractive late life selection but given its abilities may mesh with many gish builds.
  • Hazards for Chaos Magic: Rules are presented for hazards to challenge parties and example wild magic areas are given as well with scaling for power and severity.

This powerful little supplement can turn almost any magic-user to a pillar of chaotic might. Seriously, check it out on Paizo, DriveThruRPG, d20pfsrd or RPGNow and get into the fine art of losing it.

(You can also check out our character options available at:  d20pfsrd.com, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.)

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