Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Kings of Chaos – Illuminatus)

Yesterday, we took a first look at wild magic in the Pathfinder Roleplaying game in the primalist wizard archetype. The archetype’s willful ability to trigger chaos isn’t alone in a permissive game. Today we will consider Purple Duck Games class illuminatus as a deeper dive into the chaos of magic.

Illumitatus – (Kings of Chaos – Worker of Wonder)

Illuminatus  is an implement-using class with access to proto-magic “wonders” instead of spells:

  • Wonders (Sail into the Storm!) – The primalist has the advantage of its primal magic option to “free cast” at a risk of primal magic a few times. Wonders work on a smaller and more “consistent” level of chaos with every single one you cast triggering a random effect. That’s right, random magic every time. Wonders are learned in schools though and each one gives access to that school and level’s table. So you might be in the neighborhood… maybe… of the spell you wanted.
  • Implement (Hey look a Handle!) – Similar to the psychic occultist each illuminatus has access an item that focuses their wonders and powers over probability. Your implement grants a core group of wonders. Each also gives you access to specific chaos powers called Marvels. Marvels are further chaotic powers that let your character do things like have a random spell book, create potions in their special bottle… of some sort, or have a luck stealing coin.
  • Attainments (Dial-Up the Disaster!) – Your character gains access to a menu of Attainments as the move deeper into the class. These represent new chaotic manifestations with great usage pools or durations like day long entropic shields or the ability to dispel magic by tearing at it until it destabilizes into a chaotic manifestation. Re-rolls and altered movement. And greater options including prismatic effects and reincarnation.  Fun stuff!
  • Influence Cause and Effect (Eye of the Storm!) – You gain the ability to roll twice on any of your tables a number of times per day (3+Charisma modifier). This can be handy when your nutty-mcspells are not what the doctor ordered. You also gain the ability to alter a small number of personal d20 rolls each day.

The illiminatus is a deep-diver into the wild magic world. The gain ways to access more of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game random tables on a regular basis than any other class (and add more to that)! The nuanced abilities to influence the output of the random tables make for just enough control to make sure you character won’t be totally off for play.

Note: Make sure you have your tables for this class handy AND that you generate your initial result as ahead of your initiative counts if possible to speed your turns in combats as to not take too much time. If you group enjoys the spectacle of the random rolls, this is less of an issue.

(Slightly less crazy character options are available from  us at:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.)

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