Lose Control – Primal Magic (Kings of Chaos Week!)


In the an earlier edition of the ancestral system of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game the concept of the wild mage was introduced. The wild mage attempted to push the laws and limits of magic to extremes of efficiency or power at the risk of entirely losing control of magic in question. Often more remembered for the times they act as agents of the unexpected than their rare moments of heightened power. For the first few years of the Pathfinder RPG game, we didn’t have access to much in the way of these deliciously mad masters of magic.

Fortunately the people at Paizo did give us the primalist a few years back and one of our first windows to the wild again. And they weren’t alone. This week we will be exploring the offerings of Paizo and a few third party publishers for chaos magic enthusiasts everywhere. So looking to the “official” lets start with…

The Primalist – (Kings of Chaos – Chaos Magic Benchmark)

Primalist is a wizard archetype that injects chaos magic into the wizards regular patterns of casting and spell preparations. Its alternate class features include:

  • Primal Magic (Sail into the Storm!) – Primal magic offers us a potential free cast of a prepared spell. A concentration check is required which goes from nearly impossible at low levels at 20+double the spells level. If you fail you get… something else. A primal event occurs. For balance purposes they only get these free casts at 1st, 5th. 10th. 15th. and 20th. But up to five fun free or surprising spells aren’t bad.
  • Enhance Primal Event (Dial-Up the Disaster!) – You gain the power to “control” your primal events magnitude increasing or (decreasing… boo) its power by 1 or 2 (on a successful concentration check).  It is worth mentioning that this power should probably be an immediate action trigger but there is no errata.
  • Primal Surge (Eye of the Storm!) – You gain the ability to roll twice form primal magic events and take your favorite AND possibly be immune to events effects yourself. You don’t gain anything beyond 10th level in this AT excepting the two last uses of Primal Magic, and can feel free to prestige class from here on out but it will reduce your Primal Surge immunity check (details…) somewhat.

The primalist is a nice start to the chaos of wild magic for the Pathfinder RPG but tomorrow we begin turning the dial all the way up to Cone of Kittens…. Come back for the crazy!

(Slightly less crazy character options are available from  us at:  d20pfsrd.com, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.)

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