House Party (House Rules)

House rules will develop over the case of nearly any home gaming group. These small nuances can help ease player quirks, compensate for systemic dislikes or otherwise nuance the game so it fits your group better.

House Rules: Examples

Over the years there have been a number of fun house rules that have come around our tables and some have even stayed:

  • All outsiders can take a feat or have the ability to possess mortal creatures – Following mechanics presenting in all the host style classes it seems clear that nearly every outsider should be able to do this. Yet as stats would indicate possession is something nearly none of them can do.
  • All dragons can learn to shapechange – This was actually brought up in a third party book for the ancestral system but the preponderance of half-dragons doesn’t seem to indicate only magical experiments. This and the realities of dealing with human (and other medium humanoids) societies would best be served by dragons that could enter and exits them without tearing off every room in town.
  • The free 17 – Our home groups use rolled stats and while this sometimes results in phenomenal sets it occasionally results in terrible ones. Instead of going point buy to fix this we do a simple substitution of the 2nd lowest stat generated as a 17. This renders almost any set hero worthy.
  • Spellbook Burning – Wizards and other spellcasters have at times been allowed to “burn” their spellbook copy of a spell known as though it were a scroll providing emergency versality at the cost on losing the ability to re-prepare that spell until re-scribing the spell at a later time.
  • Hit Dice Gambling – As a rolled stats group we have seen our share of natural 1s for Hit Point rolls. As a fun alternate we let people risk a GM re-roll if they feel bad about a result. However the fighters who trade a 3 on their d10 for a 1 usually don’t feel super great.

What are your favorite House Rules? Leave a comment below.

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