She’s Crafty (Describing Spellcraft Skill Recognitions)

Burden of Power Teaser

There are dozens of spellcasting classes and hundreds (thousands if you allow Third Party) of spells available to magic-users, that your character trained in the Spellcraft skill could recognize. Its often hard to imagine exactly how they figure out so many forms of magic that their character will never even have access to. Yet with a successful roll they will. How might they do it?

Skill Results: Spellcraft

The GM has a lot of options when describing the result of a successful Spellcraft skill check. Just how did the PC recognize an enemy’s (or ally’s) spell? Below are a few ideas:

These a just a few ideas. There are always more ways to give magic more life with even the most basic mechanics of the games we play. Don’t hesitate to engage vivid language to build better stories even with the basic game mechanics like skill checks.

If you are looking for new and interesting options to broaden magic in your games you can check out our rules expansions at:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow

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