Hosts with the Most: Dynamic Daughter (Thaumaturge – Drop Dead Studios)


Yesterday we looked at the vessel (from Everyman Gaming) and compared it to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures‘ medium class. But the vessel and medium are far from alone as a host to legends and spirits. Today we are the sphere wielding thaumaturge from Drop Dead Studios. So how does thaumaturge rate? We’ll compare our benchmark medium (OA) to find out:

Thaumaturge: The Breakdown

Looking at the thaumaturge (DDS) we see that:

Fragile Framework: Simple Weapons and up to light armor, mid-BAB and strong Will save. Saves pretty much identical to a few of the other spirit hosts. Skills are similar to most other “hosts” but it is worth noting like vessel that they get ALL knowledge skills.

Buddy from Beyond: The thaumaturge (DDS) is very different from the rest of the host crowd because the “spirits” it uses are more effects on his or her sphere access and react with that system:

  • Hundreds of Sphere Choices: The system in Spheres of Power functions off of talents. Your character between class features and feats will have as many as 20 of these. More if you add drawbacks to your magic. This means that outside the bounds of its frame work this thaumaturge can be nearly anything you want it to.
  • Buffs and Bumps: The thaumaturge has one major buff ability, called Forbidden Lore, that allows it surge its caster level in a manner similar to the Dreamscarred Press wilder. The thaumaturge however risks the displeasure of his primal spirits and end up with nasty debuffs and penalties that last the remainder of that day.
  • Powers: The non-Sphere powers of this class mostly revolve around its invocations which are free actions that can augment magic or allow small advantages at low levels to granting entirely alien magic to the caster in high level play (new sphere access)

Buddy Swap: With the spheres system this would be more a definition of magic style and require no true game mechanics to enforce. Maybe your Destruction spheres is a fire spirit and your Mind sphere is a succubus. The differences here will be more story driven. The added bonus of the Conjuration sphere’s companion ability is the possibility of giving your spirits physical form.

Spells and Flavors: The thaumaturge as noted above can have a broad array of powers from its spheres. The more you focus talents in a sphere, the more you will master it. It is possible to have only one or two spheres with dozens of talents specializing into them or raw powers of nearly every kind with little finesse in applying them.

Lovely Limits: The magic points are of course the major limit in the spheres of power system, that said nearly every sphere as a basic mode that is free providing the thaumaturge with a long “workday”. The continued use of Forbidden Lore can render you pretty dysfunctional if you fail often enough.


We hope you have enjoyed the Hosts with the Most series. More Book of Beyond previews will be coming soon for the spiritually-minded character (and their players)  or you can pre-order it as part of the Book of Beyond WIP subcription! You can see our other products at:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.

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