Hosts with the Most: Chosen Son (Vessel – Everyman Gaming)


Yesterday we looked at the thaumaturge (from Kyoudai Games) and compared it to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures‘ medium class. But these mediums are far from alone as a host to legends and spirits. Today we are looking at the passenger-hosting vessel (from Everyman Gaming). So how does vessel rate? We’ll compare our benchmark medium (OA) to find out:

Vessel: The Breakdown

Looking at the vessel we see that:

Fragile Framework: Simple Weapons and up to light armor, mid-BAB and strong Will save. Saves almost identical to a few of the other spirit hosts. Skills are similar to most other spirit hosts but it is worth noting that they get ALL knowledge skills.

Buddy from Beyond: Like Purple Duck Games’ medium, the vessel is a long term commitment with his “passenger” and has a single such being active at a time:

  • Thirteen Passenger Choices: These passenger selections represent the major outsiders in the game that could bond with the vessel. Each passenger has a suite of abilities themed to their outsider’s nature. Double the amount of options available to medium (OA).
  • Buffs and Bumps: This are is one of the coolest (and most unique) elements of the class. Each passenger grants abilities that feed into a pool of grace generated by move action invocations. The invocations provide sacred (or profane) bonuses to various things (AC, damage, caster level checks… etc) in exchange for “accepting” points of grace. Grace costs you non-lethal damage equal to you HD (think kineticist burn here) OR a you can sacrifice a spell of a level equal to half your vessel level. These grace points then can trigger or interact with features called omens that augment and alter graces, or grant diverse benefits to spellcasting and other powers (domains!) to the vessel. Far more frequent usage limitations than medium (OA).
  • Powers: A passenger has a collection of abilities that also unlock every 3 levels that reflect the nature of their outsider bond. These abilities generally include resistances and other defensive powers, movement modes and new ways to spend grace.

Buddy Swap: Nope. This is commitment of the highest order. Vessel is not a host class for the “flavor of the week” player. Rather this class has tons of “up front” customization abilities that should allow you to tailor your passenger bond for play-style and party-role.

Spells and Flavors: The vessel gets another great thing worth mentioning–Cleric spell access. Aside from offering you what is probably THE best “buffing” spell list in the game, the availability of general list like cleric means that vessel will keep getting new content. So often an awesome third party class “dries up” because it is assigned its own specific spell list that doesn’t benefit from new Paizo releases. Additionally, because not all 3pp developers consider each other in design, it means other 3pp content is still available to the vessel because of design aimed at cleric and oracle. This in turn makes the choice of spell sacrifice to accept grace even more tricky as that the spells you give up are probably amazing.

Lovely Limits: The commitment to your passenger is probably the major limit (and flavor!) of the vessel class. Once you move past this the limits of the class make it an insanely fun resource management game of grace, spells, non-lethal and omen usage. If you like experimenting within your own build vessel could be an amazing choice for your next character.

To make sure not leave out vessel we offer another early  Book of Beyond WIP goody:

Passenger’s Vision

Your passenger can allow your vision to transcend mortal limits.

Prerequisite: Grace and passenger class features.

Benefit: Select any one occult skill unlock you have already used during its normal usage period. You may accept a point of grace to use an additional use of this within its normal usage limits. You may accept grace in this manner to a maximum of your Charisma modifier times per usage period.

The vessel presents a great option to tailor a flavor-rich and mechanically intriguing long-term spirit host. Come back tomorrow for more Host-filled fun.

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