Hosts with the Most: Band of Brothers (Thaumaturge – Kyoudai Games)

Races of the Lost Spheres - Bloodborn ©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Artist: Dio Mahesa

Races of the Lost Spheres – Bloodborn ©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Artist: Dio Mahesa

Yesterday we looked at the medium from Purple Duck Games and compared it to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures‘ medium class. But these mediums are far from alone as a host to legends and spirits. Today we are looking at the thaumaturge (from Kyoudai Games). So how does thaumaturge rate? We’ll compare our benchmark medium (OA) to find out:

Thaumaturge (KG): Breakdown

Looking at the our legend-channeling thaumaturge we see that:

Fragile Framework: Simple Weapons and only light armor, mid-BAB and all weak saves. Yikes. Almost all legends with weapon based focus change these so don’t worry too much about these. The saving throws will almost always gain a good one from a legend (rarely two or three) but watch them all the same.

Buddy from Beyond: The thaumaturge can summon the legends of greatness. An interesting fact of their abilities is that they are more attuned to the will and perception of the zeitgeist surrounding that person than the actual person. They can be exagerated, twisted or even flat out wrong representations of the person involved. Two thaumaturges channeling legends of the same person could easily have drastically different abilities depending on their communities and own beliefs. Aspects are smaller nuances that differentiate the legend for others. Other facts about the thaumaturge (from Kyoudai Games):

  • Dozens of Legends and Aspects: The thaumaturge can choose from a dozen base legends and fifteen more in another source with dozens of aspect choices results in near infinite play combinations to select from.
  • Changed Daily, In Story & At Level: The complexities of the thaumaturge’s legends and aspects allow for diverse buildouts and start with selecting legends that the character is currently attuned to. Aspects can be selected from all available choices when you choose which legend you are using. You start with two legends and eventually gain more available (seven or more with feats) and the ability to importune new ones if you find story based locations for them. This aspect makes the class intensely immersive and responsive to storylines. Three rounds of concentration can alter the active legend at any time.
  • Drawing & Manifesting: The duration of the legend is persistent once channeled or changed. The class also has a reactive ability to manifest a legend in response to a situation, making the fastest and most responsive of the “host” classes that isn’t locked into one selection.
  • Buffs and Bumps: The buffs available in the aspect system are too dizzying to annotate here but nearly any build, skill or play-style can be supported. You won’t necessarily hit alpha level with every build-out but being number two in any needed role is nothing bad.
  • Powers: Each aspect and legend has abilities to build out some effective persistent performance. Aspects can usually be discharged for a flare of power or bonuses, but often go inert after being used that way.

Buddy Swap: As noted about thaumaturges can pretty much trade out at-will with a three round pause and with the manifest and saving grace abilities even faster a number of times per day.

Spells and Flavors: Legends are pretty versatile, the magister legend from the classes expansion book adds some “needed” spell-like abilities to the class that while not amazing (cap at 4th level) are insanely mix-and-match in their usability coming from cleric, druid and sorcerer/wizard lists as needed. But the abilities of the legends and aspects far excede simple casting allowing you to front-line like a fighter or sneak like a rogue, you are likely to enter melee more than not.

Lovely Limits: The versatility of the class in some ways is major limiter. Just easy enough you may find yourself spending rounds in combat changing legends to try to fit in perfectly. Legends also have temp hit points and can be “killed” for the day denying you access until you rest. Many legends have influences and behavior guidelines that can cause them to withdraw. Aspects, once discharged, are gone.

To catch them up to the Occult Age, here is another early Book of Beyond WIP goody:

New Legend: The Mystic
This legend embodies the power of a gifted psychic or medium.
Requirements: None
Base Attack: None
Good Saves: Will
Weapon Proficiencies: None
Armor Proficiencies: None
Feats: Psychic Sensitivity
Spirit Points: 2+1 per level after 1st
Special: You may use occult skill unlocks an additional time per point of Charisma modifier during their usage period (daily, weekly, etc).

When you first gain this legend, select a number of 1st level mesmeristoccultist, or psychic spells equal to your Charisma modifier + 1. You may cast each of these spells as a spell-like ability, once per day. If the spell has an emotion component, you must provide it when using these spell-like abilities. You may select the same spell multiple times, gaining multiple uses of it. When you select your aspects for the day, you may change these spell-like abilities. At 7th, 13th, and 19th level you may select an equal number of spells from up to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th level spell lists of these classes, respectively.
Additionally, any active aspects or folk magic traits that grant spell-like abilities grant additional uses of those abilities equal to your Charisma modifier while this legend is active.

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