Hosts with the Most: Alien Auntie (Medium – Purple Duck Games)

Bloodborn Clear

Yesterday we looked at the medium from Amora Game and compared it to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures‘ medium class. But these mediums are far from alone as a host to spirits. Today we are looking at a THIRD option for medium, Purple Duck Games’ medium class from their covenant magic series (a source for a medium class predating either of the two we have looked at before). So how does our third (first?) medium (PDG) rate, we’ll compare our benchmark medium (OA) to find out:

Medium (PDG): Breakdown

Looking at the “original” medium we see that:

Fragile Framework: Simple Weapons and only light armor, mid-BAB and strong Will save. This medium is very similar to the Amora Game medium here. Having weaker saves than Radiance House occultist and weaker armor than Paizo’s medium. The covenant and boon powers can alter this. And wait until you see its “spell” section.

Buddy from Beyond: The (PDG) medium can call on spirits to give her various abilities some of which are hers to use freely (spirit boons and spell-like abilities) and some that require a trance-state each tied to a specific influence. Other facts about the medium (PG):

  • Dozens of Pacts: The medium has the choice ten influences initially with two additional supplements taking the options to triple that.
  • Changed… Never: This is probably the biggest drawback of the class, the pacts and influences once selected are permanent. It is debatable whether a feat like Human Adaptability (Rite Publishing) would allow these pacts to become more daily like the Paizo medium or the occultist from Radiance House but outside of this, be prepared to hang out with your influence for the long haul.
  • Trance: The spiritual equivalent of rage, the trance is the key to unlocking our mediums greatest powers. During this burst of power both Constitution and Charisma which means beyond the usually HP boost and sparkling teeth, the DCs of your spirit boons (Su) and your spell-like abities (Sp) both rise during trance.
  • Buffs and Bumps: In exchange for the commitment to our influence we get a number of spirit boons which are customize-able during progression and offer some pretty interesting abilities. When triggering a trance, the medium benefits for an increasing bonus effect similar to a guidance spell.
  • Powers: During trances the medium gains a suite of supernatural powers and spell-like abilities that are normally unavailable to her. These are generally themed to the influences theme.

Buddy Swap: Again, not switching up is not something the medium (PDG) excels at but the covenant magic feat system allows for new and additional pacts to be made to further diversify the pacts available to the character.

Spells and Flavors: The medium shines in this department, mostly because its “spells” are actually spell-like abilities skewing the need for components and sometimes lengthy casting times. Additionally, its highest powers are 3/day usage and ALL of them below that are AT-WILL. Let that sink in. While not a massive “DPS” spell list, the power of the medium’s at-will spell-like abilities include some of the best spells in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook. And don’t forget that DURING trance, several influence DO have damaging abilities. There are also covenant abilities that include protections, movement modes, weapon enhancements. Between the spell-like abilities and powers of the trance you will find a niche that is right for you and your medium’s party.

Lovely Limits: The influences have some roleplaying consequences. Otherwise, the commitment to your influence and the ability to trance for burst duration are the only real limits you are going to have to deal with. This class competes with most of the “warlock” classes we have looked at for workday performance. But don’t leave empty handed, here is another early Book of Beyond WIP goody:

Dual Influence

You have discovered a second claim on your essence from an older source than the first you encountered, and have managed to reconcile the spirits though some resentment lingers.

Prerequisite: Influence class feature, 5th level medium

Benefit: Select a second influence for you medium. You may expend half your remaining trance rounds to perform an hour long ritual to shift your original influence to dormancy and awaken the second influence, gaining access to it while in trance. Your spirit boons remain the same, and upon reset you regain your full trance rounds as normal.

The nearly endless workday of the medium (PDG) makes it an all-star host in the long game but watch trance rounds for your best abilities. This medium not your thing? Come back tomorrow for thaumaturge (from Kyoudai Games) for more Host-filled fun.

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