Hosts with the Most: Soul Sister (Medium – Amora Game)

timelord_finalYesterday we looked at the Radiance House Occultist (aka Binder) and compared it to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures‘ medium class. But the medium is far from alone as a host to spirits. Today we are looking at another medium this one from Amora Game.

So how does our second medium (AG) rate, we’ll compare our benchmark medium (OA) to find out:

Medium (Amora Game): Breakdown

Looking at the medium (AG) compared to the medium (OA) we see that:

Fragile Framework: Simple Weapons and only light armor, mid-BAB and strong Will save. This medium has weaker saves than yesterday’s occultist and weaker armor than Paizo’s medium. The spirit companion can radically alter this.

Buddy from Beyond: Our spirit companion is the major difference between the Amora Game version and the others. Of all the spirits so far it gives this medium the most abilities… and the least flexibility, and suggests a certain play style. Let’s look:

  • One Spirit, Two Characters: The Amora Game medium is almost a complete set of two characters. You gain it for a minimum of 4 hours at a time and you have full access to its class abilities while it possesses you. It fulfills the same goals as you medium but essentially is an ENTIRE 2nd character using the same statistics AND feats as your body but you get spells, class features and such at the same level as your medium. This is very important if you are playing a point-but game as that this class can become MAD (multi-attribute dependent) pretty fast. Worth noting that the class is already Charisma primary and Wisdom secondary (so keep these attributes in mind when stat’ing your spirit). The spirit can get feats if the medium takes a feat to do so.
  • Changed AT LEVEL: The channeling mechanics of the class allow the medium to switch spirits when leveling. This commitment can be a bit daunting to the truly versatility-obsessed but still allows for far more play options over time than average. Players who want to cover a lot of bases through the course of a log campaign should consider this class.
  • Buffs and Bumps: Minor trances allow +1 bonuses to AC, attack and damage, and skills from its spirit guidance ability.
  • Powers: Whatever the class of the spirit companion provides. Could easily be a full-caster or something similar. With the Legion archetype consider a pairing of a persistent (fighter or rogue) and burst (caster) to combat the softer levels.

Buddy Swap: At level. This ability suggests the play style of this medium the most clearly. The player who wants to run the character the party NEEDS in an adventure could (at level) get a new spirit who might be the right thing for an adventure’s setting (a cleric spirit for an undead adventure, a rogue for the dungeon crawl etc…). If you absolutely have to have options, the Legion Medium archetype allows you two spirits available to be channeled at the same time, but both are slightly weaker (3/4 your medium level). You can still only have one actively channeled at a time.

Spells and Flavors: No real spells (outside the spirit companion’s if any, which could be considerable). A small collection of divinatory abilities related to the classes seance and spiritual guidance abilities become available, ramping into some fairly strong ones like true seeing in mid-level.

Lovely Limits: The stringent limits on spirit companion selection are the biggest restraint on the class. The near complete access to its abilities make in some ways the medium the mechanically limitor of the spirit. However with a decent charisma modifier (+4 will let you have the spirit almost entirely active all day) this can be nearly changed entire.

To help this class and its peer along here is a Book of Beyond WIP preview feat:

Rising Insight

Your spirit’s guidance is stronger for your allegiance to it.

Prerequisite: Any two: bind spirit class feature,  draw upon legend class featurespirit class feature or spirit companion class feature

Benefit: Select one legend or spirit and one bonus provided by that spirit. This bonus increases by +1. At 10th level this bonus instead increases by +2.

The customizable-to-adventure leveling of the medium can make it a perfect module by module fill-in for a small or unstable gaming group. The roleplaying gold of having two or more personas for a single character can be a fun challenge as well. Come back tomorrow for more medium fun with the Purple Duck Games medium for more Host-filled fun.

Book of Beyond will be available later this winter or you can pre-order it as part of the Book of Beyond WIP subcription! You can see our other products at:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.

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