Give It Away (Spells of Boon)


The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Occult Adventures introduced some great new options for classes with access to “psychic magic” and gave as a decent start on the potential spells of these classes. Where might we see those powers go next?

As we have discussed the possible etheric origins of psychic magic and the implications of life-force manipulation, but what kinds of manipulations should our etherbending mystics be able to affect? If we gain the ability to interact with an essence, moving it from one place to another is a basic technique. And moving something you have, own and understand has to be even simpler.

Etheric Transfer Primer: Boon Spells

Boons are, at their core, the granting of the psychic’s of vital and life energies to another creature. They are basic manipulations that follow certain rhythms and patterns. A few of the common attributes of Boons are:

  • Boons Are Not Healing – The first distinction of Boons is this: Moving something is not replacing something. Don’t expect to see this magic to patch up the fighter or restore vision.
  • Boons Are Fast – Giving away something you have is simple and often a path of least resistance. As such Boons are almost always swift actions to enact. The rapid, sometimes violent surges of vital and primal energies is sudden as an elemental breach.
  • Boons Benefit Recipients – The recipient of a Boon will always gain some sort of beneficial lift to the vital energies given. They are more like blood doping or extracting hormones granting performance enhancements and supernatural edges to the recipient of the psychic’s vitality.
  • Boons Cost Casters – The caster of a Boon will always suffer the last of the vital energy they give. Because of the “defiance” of natural energetics, the psychic often suffers slightly longer than the recipient benefits. Boons often inflict negative conditions on the caster in exchange for rapid empowerment of allies.

Curious? Spells of Boon and Burden will be available in the Book of Beyond WIP Subcription or as a stand alone product later this month.

You can get the Book of Beyond WIP Subcription and other products at:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.



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