Vital Signs (Psychics as Life Energy Manipulators)

Artist: Dimas Wijil Pamungkas

We recently discussed a possible distinction in the basic energetics of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game psychic magic characters from their ancestral system and Dreamscarred Press psionic peers. In that discussion we posited the possible origins of psychic magic as being rooted in an interface with the Ethereal Plane. The Ethereal is the swimming sea of potential as the primal essences of creation burgeon into reality… But what could that mean for a psychic magic user? Well, in the Book of Beyond we are developing mechanics that reflect a closer relationship with the vital energies of creation. Specifically, the power of life itself.

Pathfinder has always dealt with life force in a lot of different ways. Conditions, negative levels, and ki mechanics of monks and dozens of other rules elements interface with the concepts of spiritual energy. With the Ethereal being the passage of Life into the material, a psychic would likely possess the ability to act directly on those energies. He or she could shift essential energy from one being to another or addressing (or creating) energetic imbalance. As such what kinds of spells might you expect in the Book of Beyond: Spells of Boon and Burden?

Maybe these feats might give a clue:

Vital Magic

Your magic surges with residual energies when you use it to alter the balance of your life force.

Benefit: When you gain a condition from a spell you cast your caster level is increased by a +1 circumstance for a number of rounds equal to your primary spellcasting modifier. At 10th level this bonus increases to +2.

Special: If your caster level is already increased for any effect above your current hit dice by more than half your HD total, this feat instead becomes a penalty as it desperately tries to re-balance energies that are dangerously out of balance with the universe.

Tidal ki

When you shift the balance life force in another creature, you can absorb excess life force from the exchange.

Prerequisites: Ability to cast psychic magic spells, ki pool

Benefit: When you inflict a condition on a creature other than yourself with a spell you gain a temporary ki pool point for a number of rounds equal to your primary spellcasting modifier. Regardless of how many targets are effected, no more than a single ki point can be generated by a single spell.

Special: You may never gain more temporary ki from this feat than your primary psychic spellcasting attribute. If you have more than psychic magic attribute modifier, one must be selected for purposes of this feat when it is selected.

Like the feats? Dozens more and over 100 psychic spells are being added to the arsenal of psychic magic users by the Book of Beyond or the stand alone of Book of Beyond: Spells of Boon and Burden (available in just a couple weeks). Come back soon for more previews!

You can get the Book of Beyond WIP subcription and other products at:, drivethruRPG, paizo and RPGNow.

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