It Runs in the Blood – Revenant Occultist Speedster (Speed Freak Week!)

©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Swiftblood - Art: Dio Mahesa,

©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Swiftblood – Artist: Dio Mahesa,

(Note this “build” works off vampiric themes that some GMs would not allow PCs to do.)

Now and again we get asked about “speedsters”  in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The Marvel Comics character “Spitfire” combined speedster skills and vampiric abilities in a way that made her a unique and compelling speed freak.

Pathfinder (generally speaking) is not a superhero game but with characters that are fantastically gifted and heroes the comparison holds up pretty well. So where are our “speedsters?”

Well, our options for benchmarks are probably one of three: Barbarian (Enhanced Move and damage acceleration), monk (attack acceleration, movement augments) or rogue (scout archetype for damage boosts related to movement).

With the amazing breadth of third party options out there, there are probably more than enough ways to get to a fairly amazing speedster. Today we are going to look at the revenant occultist from by Necromancers of the Northwest from this book.  We are also going to call out of a few things from this book from the same publisher.

For base race we are going to go with human, as that the bonus feat comes with the 2013 revision of the cruomancy system.

Base Build:

1st Level – human revenant occultist

Here’s what we start with:

  • Our first feat will be Vampiric Speed. It bears some similarity to the ki powers of the youxia speedster but its bonus to speed is untyped and gets level based ramping. And it lasts a minute per level.
  • Expeditious retreat will stack with Vampiric speed allowing us to see 90′ for good stretches at 1st level.
  • To keep us in blood points, our 2nd feat is probably best Vampire’s Bite. If you GM is hesitant about vampiric themes, it is worth mentioning that it is possible to use this ability on willing creatures making possible to use on a permission only basis.
  • Stone Fist lets our hits become lethal without the need for feats.


Generally with a standard point buy (if you have to use one) probably looking at:

Str 14 Dex 14 Con 10  Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 18 (+2 Racial) = Strong and fast with charisma to drive our magic.

Racial Stat Choice: Charisma based casting keeps us in speed.

Advancement: Consider the flavor of your speedster and how you want to develop it. Feats like Blood Healing and Blood Sustenance go a long way to emulate powers you would expect yours speedster to have but stay close to our vampiric source. Blood Conversion might be needed for those not morally or physically capable of acquiring blood.

5th Level – human revenant occultist

Here’s what we are probably looking at now:

  • Blood Calling is a specifically useful spell to refuel your cruomancy for speed and other effects allowing you to get 1 point from each fallen foe in an area.
  • Lesser Beast Traits allows for cat like reflexes, spider wall-running and other speed effects.
  • 2nd level spells like air step or spider climb to help with speedster thematics.
  • Alternate human favored class bonus lets us start filling out our 1st level spells.

Advancement: Our base compares to  favorably to our original umbra (60′ Vampiric Speed/90′ during expeditious retreat) base speed and Run has similar returns (300’/450′ at full speed on ground). Starting at 6th level spells like haste, fly and elemental aura will cover traditional bases. And as with our youxia build, you might want fire trail to leave the full length of the 60′ fire damage effects offered by the spell. The Empower Spell feat combines nicely with Blood Magic 2 at 7th level rambing up damage. Force punch adds a bigger speed slam.

10th Level – human revenant occultist

Here’s what we are probably looking at now:

  • Vampiric Speed is now a base 60′ boosts allowing regular 120′ speeds after expeditious retreat and allows an AC boost.
  • Greater Beast Traits gives us access to evasion.
  • Vampiric Strength can help add force stone fist hits. Force punch adds more extreme bursts.
  • Vampiric Grace can crank Dexterity upping AC and Reflex to super-speed levels.
  • Spells like telekinetic charge (which can be used on the caster), earth glidesonic thrust, or rubberskin can go a long way to filling in speed effects.

Stats (Before Magic Items):

Str 14 Dex 14 Con 10  Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 20 (+2 Racial, +2 level) = Strong and fast with charisma to drive our magic.

Advancement: Feats like Death Drinker and Expanded Blood Pool help keep blood points on tap for speed boosts and increasing attributes.

15th Level+ – human revenant occultist

Here’s what we are probably looking at now:

  • Our ultimate speed effect: Quicken Spell combines with Blood Magic 4 for extra spells with a renewable swift action casting!
  • Path of the windssirocco and sonic form should continue to round out some speed themed effects.

Advancement: Continue to use spells to fill in speed tricks and eventually at 20th level gain the Spellblood ability allowing you to fuel your speed as long as you can drain blood to do so–sanguine perpetual motion.

Our 15th level speedster revenant occultist clocks in well against his peers using blood magic powered metamagic efficiency for Empowered and Quickened effects allowing our substantial base-speeds to meet with increased damage and rapid casting.

Not to your liking? Check back tomorrow for another stab at a Pathfinder speedster!

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