1000 Miles Per Hour – Wilder Speedster (Speed Freak Week!)

©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Swiftblood - Art: Dio Mahesa,

©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Swiftblood – Artist: Dio Mahesa,

Now and again we get asked about “speedsters”  in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. With Comic-Con recently ending and the Flash being quite popular, we decided to provide our answer(s) and go big with SEVEN variants of Pathfinder speedsters!

Pathfinder (generally speaking) is not a superhero game but with characters that are fantastically gifted and heroes the comparison holds up pretty well. So where are our “speedsters?”

Well, our options for benchmarks are probably one of three: Barbarian (Enhanced Move and damage acceleration), monk (attack acceleration, movement augments) or rogue (scout archetype for damage boosts related to movement).

With the amazing breadth of third party options out there, there are probably more than enough ways to get to a fairly amazing speedster. Today we are going to look at the wilder class with the surging muse archetype from Dreamscarred Press. To rev up our speedster we will might also want to look at Rogue Genius Games and this book and Dreamscarred Press other series of akashic books.

For base race we are going to go with xeph for its racials and power points.

Base Build:

1st Level – xeph wilder (surging muse archetype)

Here’s what we start with:

  • Xeph Racial – Burst (Su): Three times per day as a swift action, a xeph can put on a burst of speed to increase his speed by 10 feet, plus 10 feet per four character levels beyond 1st, to a maximum increase of 30 feet at 9th character level and higher. These bursts of speed are considered a competence bonus to the xeph’s base speed. A burst of speed lasts 3 rounds.
  • Speed of Thought as our first feat… (40’/50′ burst and 70′ with expended focus at 1st level)
  • Wild Surge allows us to push our “speed” powers while conserving power points… what’s a few dazes between friends?
  • We also gain increases to our aura if we have Surging Aura or part of it even if we don’t which kind of gives our speedster a bit of “speed manipulation” for others, add force enhancement to it and we are giving a hefty damage lift to our (slower) allies. Lastly we are going to give them dodge bonuses to AC.
  • We have to cover ourselves with powers since our surge abilities (while basically free) don’t benefit us.
  • Hammer is our first power. It allows us  to make touch attacks with decent damage.


Generally with a standard point buy (if you have to use one) probably looking at:

Str 12 (racial -2) Dex 16 (Racial +2) Con 10  Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 16 (Racial +2) = Dex is a good speedster stat and Cha is our bread and butter for everything else.

Racial Stat Choice: A broad stat array helps with feat selection and attacks.

Advancement: Consider the flavor of your speedster and how you want to develop it. Powers like Skate might be appropriate for longer term mid-range speed enhancement, while Precognition, Offensive and Precognition, Defensive might be more appropriate for combat focused speedsters. Even selecting Deceleration might be in theme with a “speed manipulator. Up the Walls [Psionic] can be fun for those who want to “run so fast they stay on walls” and such.

5th Level – xeph wilder (surging muse archetype)

Here’s what we are probably looking at now:

  • Almost for certain Akashic Augmentation should be on you shopping list. It can transform our 1st level powers into strong (“Tier 1”) damage sources (5d8/round at 5th level!)
  • Watch your skill ranks and power choices because we will want to be at by the “end” of 6th level:
    • Skills: Knowledge (psionics) 5 ranks, Spellcraft 5  ranks
    • Psionics: Manifester level 5th
    • Special: Wild surge class feature, able to manifest powers from three or more disciplines, one of which must be 3rd level or higher.
  • Cleanse Body might be a good “fast metabolism” power.
  • Want to go Overrun based? Psionic Overrun deals damage to your targets!
  • Instinctive Power can selected to round out “non-essential” speed tricks.

Advancement: Not a ton of speed gain here but we make up for it in possible damage or defenses. We are also getting ready for the Cross Discipline Master prestige class. We are going to dive in to that because it will give us broader access to powers and the ability to “spontaneously learn” a power for a speed “trick” greatly ramping our ability to play out speedster tropes.

10th Level – xeph wilder (surging muse archetype) 6/cross discipline master 4

Here’s what we are probably looking at now:

  • new powers (!) from any list plus (level-1) more of standard. To explain this understand that by 15th level most wilders will have 8 powers known. We are going to have 14. Granted at this point we only have the first 4 so we are looking 9 vs. 10th level wilders 6… still pretty far ahead.
  • These powers can be from ANY list! This means the Psychic Warrior’s best toys are going to be open game for our speedster. Physical AccelerationSharpened Edge and Dispatch come to mind.
  • But most of all… Adaptive Surge (Su): At 3rd level, the cross discipline master learns to use her passions to adapt to changing circumstances. Up to three times per day, she may invoke her wild surge as a swift action and learn a new power from a discipline she has selected for cross-discipline learning. She retains knowledge of this power for a number of minutes equal to her wild surge’s intensity, after which it dissipates from
    her mind. Light Speed leaps (teleports)? Super Friction (energy bolt fire)? and Superspeed Healing (body adjustment)?… NO PROBLEM!

Stats (Before Magic Items):

Str 12 (racial -2) Dex 16 (Racial +2) Con 10  Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 18 (Racial +2, Level +2) = Dex is a good speedster stat and Cha is our bread and butter for everything else.

Advancement: Congratulations! You are now the most versatile speedster we have had yet. From here on most level choices are more about what you want to be able to ALWAYS do vs. what you can SOMETIMES do. Enervation Fortitude [Psionic] might be recommended as that your going to want to surge… A LOT! Otherwise, track powers you access with Adaptive Surge and start taking them, even consider Expanded Knowledge [Psionic] if you are using something regularly enough from a non-wilder list.

15th Level+ – xeph wilder (surging muse archetype) 9/cross discipline master 6

Here’s what we are probably looking at now:

  • By now your should be rounding out your powers pretty nicely but there a few “must haves” for the speedster on the go:

Advancement: Again, take the powers the fill in the most consistent uses of the Adaptive Surge ability and other needed speedster effects. Consider teleports if you need more extreme there-to-there.

Our 15th level speedster wilder clocks in as faster, more variable and a high end single target damage! The possibility of surge induced enervation is there but only optional risks and during times you need that extra something.

Not to your liking? Check back tomorrow for another stab at a Pathfinder speedster!

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