Fresh Blood… (Example of Bloodborn Character Creation)

©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Swiftblood - Art: Dio Mahesa,

©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Swiftblood – Artist: Dio Mahesa,

Example of Bloodborn Creation

In his current game the party is around sixth level, and had no hope of anything but a funeral when Garrog, Matthew’s dwarven fighter fell to his death in a battle with wyverns. The party is over 2 weeks from civilization and the GM really didn’t want to just “hand-wave” another PC just wandering into play or a bunch of encounter-less travel. She mentions to Matthew she got Races of the Lost Spheres: Bloodborn and that there just MAY be a Bloodwell hidden in the mountains nearby.

Blood Patrons:

With Tom’s paladin (a human) and Natalia’s rogue (a half-elf) the party has two human sub-type characters, and after reading the race Matthew asks if they’d be willing to be his Blood Patrons. Tom isn’t sure his paladin would be OK with it but the GM, Britnay, says there are likely to be sanguine stores near the Bloodwell. So Natalia on board they decide that upon the party’s discovery of the well, she snuck back and used the artifact. Using the a sanguine store she found to supply the other Blood Patron.

Matthew now has his Blood Patrons, Natalia’s rogue and a mysterious human of the GMs determination who left blood in the sanguine stores. Matthew says he was thinking about having some magical nemesis in his new characters background and Britnay say’s the other Blood Patron is probably a sorcerer. He decides to pick up Heal (Natalia has it as a class skill from a trait) and Knowledge (History) to represent ancient memories from the Sourcerunes and his mysterious sorcerer Blood Patron.


Matthew’s group uses the “Standard” method but true to history, he rolls mediocre and gets only a couple decent scores. Looking over the Sourcerunes and the Conflicted Soul attribute, Matthew decides multi-classing rogue (to honor Natalia’s PC) and sorcerer (to honor the mysterious other Blood Patron).

Primary: Deciding to reduce some attribute demand for the character he selects his primary Sourcerune to be Jhi. This allows him to base sorcerer mechanics off of his Dexterity instead of his Charisma as that his nerves are literally alive with magic.

Secondary: Matthew decides the Sourcerunes are not feeling a strong enough presence to him and picks Essal to gain selectable skill modifiers for a his alternate favored class abilities. He will use these with rogue to flesh out a few racial bonuses to skills.

Resonance: “Deftmind” is the listed resonance between the Essal-Jhi paring. This will allow his new character to add his intelligence to attack roles when in Resonance. Matthew decides to assign his next best ability to Intelligence.

Bringing It Together:

Matthew and the GM decide that the Bloodwell has functioned well and are bringing him at the party’s current level 6th. Matthew decides to go rogue 3/sorcerer 3 with intents toward arcane trickster. His character is haunted by ancestral memories of an ancient order of evil mystics (allowing Britnay to work in a new mid-level enemy group) and experiencing a particularly troubled Darhamahn (reconciliation period for all of the sudden knowledges he was born with) explaining his substandard Wisdom and Charisma. His Blood Patron of Natalia’s rogue allows him to “remember” the party’s adventures as if he lived them in part and laugh at in jokes he wasn’t even born during.

Mechanically, Matthew evaluates the character. He decides to focus on a resonance triggering sequence around buffing with shield and then attacking flanked foes with touch spells, deftmind all but guaranteeing a hit. He selects the Devastating Deftmind feat and is pretty happy with the damage bonuses during a Resonance.

Natalia’s rogue comes back the next morning with a new party member already in the know and ready to help his Blood Patron avenge Garrog’s death while struggling with his own inner demons.

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Bonus Item:

Sanguine Store

Aura faint necromancy; CL 1st

Slot none; Price 2,000 gp; Weight 3 lbs.


This bronze vessel is a foot-long length of metal etched with runes of preservation. The sides conform to a hexagonal shape meant to prevent rolling and to allow stacking with others of its kind.  A single seam near one end indicates where the vessel can turn to open. A ruby at its end softly pulses if the vessel if filled and darkens near black when it is empty.

The vessel can seal or open with a command word and allows blood or other perishable liquids to be stored inside it indefinitely when activated. The liquid remains as fresh as it was when drawn from its source.


Craft Wondrous Item, gentle repose; Cost 1,000 gp.





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