We Go Together – RotLS: Bloodborn: Sourcerunes 2


©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Swiftblood - Art: Dio Mahesa,

©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Swiftblood – Artist: Dio Mahesa

Last entry we talked about the bloodborn’s Sourcerunes as a way to overcome issues around Multiple Attribute Dependency. While the Sourcerune mechanic does address this issue nicely the mechanic is just getting started there.

Sourcerune Families

Sourcerunes manifest in large groups known as ‘Families” which encompass a range of different runes that each share a single primary spiritual link to the character’s being. This aspect becomes empowered and interacts with the bloodborn’s supernature as primary source despite normal energy tendencies. The runes can be looked at in a few different ways but in general fall into two groups of families.

Energetic Families: These families represent the bloodborn’s link the energies of the multiverse, for spellcasters and manifesters  it is likely to be the source of a primary supernatural power.

Atkai Family: Sign of inner energies, most often affiliated with spontaneous casters.

Muo Family: Sign of balancing energies, most often affiliated with natural casters and manifesters.

Essal Family: Sign of outer energies, most often affiliated with prepared casters.

Physicality Families: These families represent the bloodborn’s primary physical intake of energetics, how their body draws from sources of supernatural power.

Juhn Family: Sign of endurance, most often affiliated with endurance, health and resilience.

Jhi Family: Sign of prowess, most often affiliated with speed, reaction and skill.

Sho Family: Sign of raw power, most often affiliated with endurance, health and resilience.

Sourcerune Resonance

Each bloodborn is marked by the presence of glowing echoes of two or more of the Great Sourcerunes that power the Bloodwells. These echoed Sourcerunes manifest as a runepair at the brow of the bloodborn. The Sourcerunes’ power resonates with the countless spirits of the ancients that sacrificed themselves in their creation. Each pairing of a bloodborn’s Sourcerunes grants the character abilities echoing the ancient orders of his or her ancestors. Under the right circumstances the two runes interact powerful synergies called resonances.

Each resonance has a trigger and effect based off the two runes of the bloodborn’s runepair.

An Example of Sourcerunes Selection and Resonance

Matt wants play a mystic assassin sworn to avenge an ancient wrong. He has iffy stats and decides to play a bloodborn to help pull off a tricky combination of classes (sorcerer and rogue with an eye toward arcane trickster). He decides that his character is Jhi primary rune, meaning that his magic is directly tied to his character’s reflexs and reactions, he decides sorcerer is a good fit and his primary rune will allow Dexterity to replace Charisma for the class. (Primary Sourcerune: Jhi)

Looking over the secondary runes, Matt sees that Essal grants racial modifiers to skills that might really strengthen his specialties of stealth. (Seconday Sourcerune: Essal)

So, his rune pair is Jhi-Essal or Essal-Jhi also called a “deftmind.” Matt likes the sound of that. Finding the Deftmind entry he reads:

“Deftmind (Su) – When the bloodborn uses  a spell, granted ability or power within one round of using a personal range spell or power, the bloodborn gains a insight bonus to attack roles versus flat-footed foes and on critical hit confirmation rolls equal to their Intelligence modifier. This bonus fades after 1 round.”

Perfect! Matt’s mystic assassin concept follows in synch and he realizes that if his bloodborn uses magic for stealth or buffing up before a battle he becomes even more dangerous in an ambush.

How does Matt finish this bloodborn up? Come back next entry when we bring together his Blood Patrons and Sourcerunes.

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