Getting to Know the Bloodborn: Blood Patrons

Cover by Dio Mahesa, Copyright 2015 Lost Spheres Publishing

Races of the Lost Spheres: Bloodborn – Copyright 2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Cover – Dio Mahesa

Racial Trait: Blood Patrons

Each bloodborn is shaped by the influences of two things, the Great Source runes channeling the ley-energy to the Bloodwell that makes them and the blood of the two humans that activated the well that created them. These two humans serve in roles similar to parents to the newly created bloodborn and are referred to as “Blood Patrons.”

The Bloodwells must be activated by the blood of two creatures with the human subtype by coating the exterior extraction spindles. The artifacts utilizes the blood to synthesize the physical body of the newly made bloodborn. The bloodborn will resemble both parents but does not require any specific combination to yield a gender.

What does this mean?

Mechanics: Mechanically, the base effect is simple. The bloodborn is considered to have access to one class skill from each Blood Patron in addition to their normal classes allotment of skills. They are also allowed to make skill checks untrained when dealing with subjects familiar to a Blood Patron (GM discretion).

Story: Blood Patrons on a much broader level can introduce information to the story via a “silent mentor” in their Blood Patron. Or a villainous Blood Patron might give the newborn character an opportunity to have insights into a threat the rest of the party is trying to deal with. The desire for blood of quality to trigger the Bloodwells may lead bloodborn communities to court adventures to procure, protect or even donate blood.

Gameplay: Bloodborn can facilitate game play in a lot of ways. The Blood Patrons can grant familiarity with their lives to a bloodborn immediately. A more powerful imprint is possible allowing for a bloodborn character to start play at a level of the GM’s choosing and readied with an understanding of the current campaigns situations and goals. It is even possible for the race to give rise to characters of PCs in the current party itself!

Example: Nichole, Randy, Daniel and Laura are playing deep in the mountains of Whitehome when Daniel’s arcanist dies to the ax of a frost giant. Though the party succeeds there isn’t time to make it back to their home city and still defeat Rimewing’s armies before it’s too late! Laura’s oracle makes a Knowledge (arcana) check and realizes that an ancient Bloodwell is secreted nearby and explains to the party that if arcanist’s body can be brought there swiftly its blood can still be used to trigger the well. Nichole’s fighter agrees to be the other Blood Patron and with a short side trip the party has a new bloodborn character for Daniel with immediate familiar with the mission and its importance. And if Daniel’s wanting to switch things up may Nichole’s fighter’s influence is strong enough that the newborn character is instead a magus or eldritch knight paying homage to both Blood Patrons’ classes.

But Blood Patron are only half of the influence equation…

Comeback tomorrow for more on Sourcerunes!

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