Races of the Lost Spheres – Bloodborn is OUT!

Races of the Lost Spheres - Bloodborn ©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Artist: Dio Mahesa

Races of the Lost Spheres – Bloodborn ©2015 Lost Spheres Publishing, Artist: Dio Mahesa

Throughout the worlds of the Lost Spheres and beyond stand the slumbering Bloodwells awaiting to awaken with the power to create life with but a few drops of the blood of Man. Those Who Came Before left their knowledge to join that blood in the wells and give rise to a race both more and less than human:
The Bloodborn!

Inside this book you will find a new race for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaigns.
Supporting a broad range of the newest content from the Pathfinder Roleplaying
Game Advanced Class Guide and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Unchained,
the Bloodborn present a robust suite of racial options.
Included are:

• The Sourcerune mechanic system providing new ways to explore old classes and
support multiclass characters from both the core and Pathfinder Roleplaying
Game Unchained systems.
• Over two dozen feats supporting the racial mechanics and interacting with Rogue
Genius Games’ Genius Guide to Runic Might I and II!
• New Psionic powers and character options (including Sourcerunes) supporting
the Ultimate Psionics system from Dreamscarred Press.
• New spells to to alter the way your character’s runic powers work.
• New prestige classes to support the rune mechanics, the Bloodrune Adept – a
master of summoning up the hidden skills of blood and ancient knowledge from
past lives, and the Zenith Caster – a tidal mystic able to reconcile magical and
supernatural powers from two sources and synthesize them into a singular force.

And much more!

Already on Paizo.comRPGNow.com and DriveThruRPG.com! …and d20pfsrd.com!!

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