Form Blazing Sword! – Bringing Your Own Toys: The Armorist



Melee characters often get the short end of the proverbial stick. Fighters have a broad-base of weapon proficiency and end up holding most any martial weapon they get that has a half decent enchantment on it early game. There are however, other paths, that are never without their own specialized weapon. So over the next few days we will take a look at Pathfinder Roleplaying Game classes from third party sources that bring their own weapon to the fray… We present: Form Blazing Sword!

Form Blazing Sword! concludes as we compare today’s class Drop Dead Studios‘s armorist, from the newly (mostly) released Spheres of Power! NOTE: Armorist is awesome, but it is just a TINY sliver of all Spheres of Power has to offer, we will be returning to this new source again soon but this is Form Blazing Sword… and it is the amazing armorist that earns its place here! Look how it stacks up to our benchmark soulknife from Dreamscarred Press:

Form Blazing Sword! – The Armorist

Secrets of the Forge: What is our sword made of? Summon equipment operates off of gear our armorist has studied and it makes sense that the ideas follow all normal item rules once summoned. The gear cannot be dispelled and that is a huge plus. Weapons may be masterwork and of any kind the character has proficiency with. This is good news for material based damage reduction. ALSO, you gain a slots for bound items that are more powerful signature items usable by only you, these items are more powerful and use no energy from your spell pool (see below).

Magic of the Blade: The summoned weapons take one point from your spell pool to summon their base masterwork forms. At 3rd level our weapon begins to gain enhancement bonuses (at no additional cost!), and gain a +1 or additional equivalent enchantments from a limited (but generous) pool every three levels to a maximum of +6 total effective bonus with up to +5 being enhancement bonuses. Bound weapons move faster being every odd level from 3rd on to +9 at 19th and a +10 as our capstone. Our “omega weapon” is a +5 bound weapon(s) with +5 of variable enchantment for an effective +10 weapon(s) we never are without at 20th level. You will also have five of these to choose from!!

  • Armorist – Omega Weapon (Greatsword)
  • Attack: +20+STR+5
  • Damage: 2d6+(STRx1.5)+5+5 bonuses worth of enchantments

Secret Arts: The supporting features of the armorist are pretty amazing. “Arsenal tricks” allow for bonus feats, extradimensional storage, extra bound weapons. You can even add new options for your enchantment pool selection or extra movement modes (winged armor!) to your options for bound or summoned gear.

Off-Hand Action: What else does the class get? Access to the Spheres of Power‘s awesome and unique magic system. That is pretty much a “mic drop” level offering. There really isn’t enough space to do these options justice other than to say, despite being a “low caster” (having only half-level for effects) you can add almost any flavor to your armorist you want. Necrotic mastery from Death sphere or powerful energy blasts from Destruction, or continue your summoning themes with Conjuration. So many possibilities exist, you could play a party of just the single class an feel little to no overlap.

Armorist scales very well against soulknife‘s standard matching variability, BAB and supporting skills. Its sphere-based magics are at least as interesting making and makes it a strong finish for this week’s Form Blazing Sword class feature!

Don’t forget ANY melee character can benefit in mythic games from the Godhunter mythic path from Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres and you can get it on: RPGNow or Paizo or!


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