Form Blazing Sword! – Bringing Your Own Toys: Mighty Godling



Melee characters often get the short end of the proverbial stick. Fighters have a broad-base of weapon proficiency and end up holding most any martial weapon they get that has a half decent enchantment on it early game. There are however, other paths, that are never without their own specialized weapon. So over the next few days we will take a look at Pathfinder Roleplaying Game classes from third party sources that bring their own weapon to the fray… We present: Form Blazing Sword!

Form Blazing Sword! continues as we compare today’s class, Rogue Genius Gamesmighty godling to our benchmark soulknife from Dreamscarred Press:

Form Blazing Sword! – Mighty Godling

Secrets of the Forge: What is our sword made of? When we Form Blazing Sword, our might godling forms a divine weapon that is “a supernatural weapon of pure immortal power.”  It has no real structure other than energy and unlike the mind blade can’t be sundered at all (no break for those guys). It can be shaped as any weapon, but deals energy of a set type. The duration is limitless but it can be dissipated as a free action. The downside? Our divine weapon doesn’t become available until 10th level. Yowza! That is a while to wait for our signature steel. What to do? Well, this is where our class can bridge the gap. How? Divine traits include the ability to pick up oracle revelations. You can pick-up iron weapon revelation and have a summon-able weapon much earlier while you wait for your real weapon to show up later.

Magic of the Blade: Interestingly enough, divine weapon doesn’t ramp in bonuses in levels. The major advantage is the ability to resolve attacks against enemies energy resistance as opposed to damage resistances. Depending on GM ruling, the divine weapon may count as a target-able weapon for spells, if this is the case, you can look into divine magic traits granting spells like greater magic weapon or Rogue Genius Games arcane forge spell. Sonic energy is probably a great choice and we’ll use it for our sample “Omega” weapon:

  • Mighty Godling – Omega Weapon (“Greatsword” sonic divine weapon)
  • Attack: +20+STR
  • Damage: 4d6 sonic damage+(STR)+(talents, spells and domain abilities)

Secret Arts: Godling has no specific “blade” skills, but many of the divine traits and scion talents available to the class can bent toward the mastery of your summoned weapon. Lineage domains might offer selections of War (bonus feats) or Destruction (morale damage to attacks).

Off-Hand Action: Godlings are full of scion talents, traits, and domains that can supplement their sword’s abilities or be used to diversify their options granting shapeshifting, flight, or any number of other talents and powers. For a broadly supernaturally gifted full BAB warrior, mighty godling is hard to beat.

Mighty godling‘s great range of divine powers make it a compelling alternate to soulknife for those craving a broad range of miraculous options, but it is a little light in the base Blazing Sword Category. Still looking for other options? Comeback tomorrow and see how our next contender fares as Form Blazing Sword continues with – Starseed!

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