Form Blazing Sword! – Bringing Your Own Toys: Soulknife (The Benchmark)



Melee characters often get the short end of the proverbial stick. Fighters have a broad-base of weapon proficiency and end up holding most any martial weapon they get that has a half decent enchantment on it early game. There are however, other paths, that are never without their own specialized weapon. So over the next few days we will take a look at Pathfinder Roleplaying Game classes from third party sources that bring their own weapon to the fray… We present: Form Blazing Sword!

While the temptation when setting the standard of generally draws us to a Pathfinder core class, like say Fighter, as a benchmark very few of them do all of what we would like to see regarding this kind of class. So for our Form Blazing Sword! benchmark, we are jumping straight to the masters of third-party psionics Dreamscarred Press:

Form Blazing Sword! – Soulknife (The Benchmark)

Secrets of the Forge: What is our sword made of? When we Form Blazing Sword, our soulknife shapes “psychic energy distilled from his own mind.” It has 10 hardness (about like steel) and 10 hit points (more than adamantine), but can be created again as a move action (sorry sunder specialists). It can be shaped as any light, one-handed or two-handed weapon and deal mutliple types of damage. It locks to the selected form. It can be sustained in anti-magic. It can be re-sphaped.

Magic of the Blade: The mind blade gets a +1 enhancement bonus at 3rd level. It gains options for other enchantments and begins being able to add them around 5th level. The pool of additional is restricted (but generous) and also hits a cap of a maximum of +5 at 15th level. Our “omega weapon” is a +5 weapon with +4 of variable enchantment for an effective +9 weapon we never are without at 19th level. Not shabby. Did we mention you can also add psychic strike damage? For the purposes of most Form Blazing Sword comparisons we are going to look at:

  • Soulknife – Omega Weapon (Greatsword)
  • Attack: +20+STR+5
  • Damage: 2d6+(STRx1.5)+5+4 bonuses worth of enchantment with 5d8 psychic strike

Secret Arts: The soulknife also gets a body of strong supporting “blade skills” to make better use of the mind blade. Absorb spells and powers with your psychic strike, recharge your psychic strike when you fell your enemies, and rapid blade alterations are just a few of dozens of awesome options. The list goes on. Not enough? Dreamscarred Press also has piles of feats that can be used to expand your abilities.

Off-Hand Action: What else does the class get? Well as a specialist in psychic weaponry, the side-dishes are pretty sparse BUT we shouldn’t overlook the Wild Talent bonus feat that the soulknife gets at 1st level. Why? Because in addition to the generous helping of mind blade specific feats, wild talent opens a world of psionic feats to your character–don’t underestimate the value of this! Run up walls, regain focus faster or even just add (even more) damage to your attacks.

Soulknife is the meet or beat standard when it comes to bringing your own (literally) sword to a fight. Comeback tomorrow and see how our next contender fares as Form Blazing Sword continues with – Ethermagus!

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