Rogue-ing in the New Year – Midnight Strikers: Cryptic (T-Minus 4 Days)

supergenius_finalNew Year’s is right around the corner and that means New Games. As you set up your new party of awesome, you might be looking to take on the iconic role of the rogue. Sometimes, you want something new. If the rogue role is something you enjoy or going to be taking on for the next game, there are some great third party options out there for filling the place of this shadowy damage dealer. With so much out there in the ocean of third party awesome we figured we could point out a few for you. Today we look at the psionic striker from Dreamscarred Press: the Cryptic

Midnight Striker – The Cryptic

The cryptic is the psionic master of patterns, using them to manipulate powers, reconstruct reality or destroy creatures by breaking the patterns central to their biology! Here is the stack up against the benchmark rogue:

For Whom the Bell Tolls – (Conditional Damage Boost): Stings like a bee! Disrupt Pattern is our conditional damage boost with cryptic. The conditions that it requires are recognition of the foe and an appropriately attuned psionic focus. It can be a little slow on the draw (though Psionic Meditation goes a LONG way toward fixing this) but once the focus is set cryptics damage is locked.  Go one better with the brutal disruptor archetype, add a  little two-weapon fighting and blend to taste.

Midnight Moves – (Skill Use): Shadow puppet. Cryptic pays a little for its world-class damage dealing by lower skills per level (4 ranks) but its worth noting that similarly to edgewalker, the cryptics core Intelligence dependence means you will likely be getting skill ranks aplenty and despite the low ranks per level all the core rogue role class skills are there.

Similarly to edgewalker, cryptic has a special relationship with a rogue skill-related wheelhouse but instead of poison, cryptics enjoy a special relationship with traps. Matching rogues trapfinding, the class also gains access to trap related powers as part of their insights power group.  It also matches rogue for stealth options gaining hide-in-plain-sight at 10th level.

Slippery Shadows – (Damage Mitigation): Get behind me, I’ll tank it. Evasion. Check. Situational DR? Ramping Dodge bonus? Check and check. Insights allowing self-heals? Check. Full 1-9 power progression? Check. Cryptics potential as a mitigator is impressive. Or they can just kill stuff before they get hurt.

New Year’s Kiss – (Customize-able Advancement): A girl in every port. Insight and psionic power choices make the variable options for cryptic really amazingly broad. Additionally, armor does not interfere with the classes powers so multiclassing for new armor (or weapon) choices is highly possible just don’t sacrifice too many of your disrupt pattern dice.

Cryptic is a solid rogue role alternate and may suit your play-style more, check it out! The Midnight Strikers countdown continues tomorrow, Rogue-ing the New Year Midnight Strikers: The Umbra (T-Minus 3 Days).

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