Rogue-ing in the New Year – Midnight Strikers: Edgewalker (T-Minus 5 Days)

supergenius_finalNew Year’s is right around the corner and that means New Games. As you set up your new party of awesome, you might be looking to take on the iconic role of the rogue. Sometimes, you want something new. If the rogue role is something you enjoy or going to be taking on for the next game, there are some great third party options out there for filling the place of this shadowy damage dealer. With so much out there in the ocean of third party awesome we figured we could point out a few for you. Today, we look at the edgewalker from Interjection Games.

Midnight Striker – The Edgewalker

The edgewalker is a supernatural master of light and shadow that derives her powers balancing these two forces! Here is the stack up against the benchmark rogue:

For Whom the Bell Tolls – (Conditional Damage Boost): Two to midnight. Sneak attack is a great source of conditional damage for the rogue, and it is one that the edgewalker gets direct access to. The progression is slower than rogue but is augmented by class features called waypoints. Each of these features (light, shadow, or twilight) draws on the balance of darkness and light and can be often used to increase damage dealt in addition to or independent of sneak attack. Careful though, as each waypoint uses either points from your light and shadow pools and you can exhaust the points in either relatively  quickly in the long game.

Midnight Moves – (Skill Use): Shadow puppet. Sadly, our edgewalker is not a “viking” in the skill use arena. One assumes its 4 points of skill ranks per level is meant to prevent overpowering due to the Intelligence required for shadow pool use. While the iconic skill sets are there and (at times) supported by your waypoints, the class excels mainly in a pair of iconic skill-related roguish efforts: poison-use and stealth.

The class has the ability with its waypoints to create a number of poisons and ichors (poison-like supernatural substances) that allow this iconic rogue concept to see more actual table play. Generally, poison-use at the table has been skewed either due to alignment-based rulings (which Pathfinder doesn’t enforce) or its craft-intensive nature. Edgewalker’s poisoning abilities are far easier to interact, maintain and implement while still reflecting the spirit of the assassin mythos around poison intact.

On the stealth field, many shadow waypoints add stealth options and abilities surpassing the mundane rogue. To further this, the class gains the hide-in-plain-sight class ability with far more ease (6th) than the core rogue (where it is an advanced rogue talent).

Slippery Shadows – (Damage Mitigation): Floats like a butterfly. Evasion is a core class feature and it evolves to improved evasion at 9th level pacing rogue nicely. Additionally, some minor healing powers exist in the light waypoints and even abilities to dazzle, disorient or even blind foes making successful damage against even less likely.

New Year’s Kiss – (Customize-able Advancement): Waypoints build out the class, as does your devotion to an over all favor toward light, shadow or balance. Many variant options present opportunities to have VERY different functional edgewalkers and a party could easily support more than one. Multiclassing is possible, though outside of the antipodist (another light/shadow manipulating class), the synergies are weak enough to discourage leaving the class.

Edgewalker scores well for stealth and damage bloom with a special nod for its poisoning relative to the rogue’s role in metagame! Still looking? The Midnight Strikers countdown continues tomorrow, Rogue-ing the New Year Midnight Strikers: The Cryptic (T-Minus 4 Days).

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