Rogue-ing in the New Year – Midnight Strikers: Stalker (T-Minus 6 Days)

supergenius_finalNew Year’s is right around the corner and that means New Games. As you set up your new party of awesome, you might be looking to take on the iconic role of the rogue. Sometimes, you want something new. If the rogue role is something you enjoy or going to be taking on for the next game, there are some great third party options out there for filling the place of this shadowy damage dealer. With so much out there in the ocean of third party awesome we figured we could point out a few for you. Today with just six days until we are into the new year, we take a look at Dreamscarred Press’ stalker!

Midnight Striker – The Stalker

The stalker is a maneuver based class with features similar to both a monk and a rogue, but a host of amazing choices that are all its own! Here is the stack up against the benchmark rogue:

For Whom the Bell Tolls – (Conditional Damage Boost): Stings like a bee. Deadly strike is an awesome alternate conditional damage boost, instead of the normal sneak attack triggers, the deadly strike die pool activates on a successful critical hit (rapier anyone?) and then stays active on all attacks for the duration of you Widsom modifier in rounds (long enough to see most foes in the dead book). While it may have less dice it requires less of other party members and several maneuvers are capable of adding a few more dice and/or triggers for additional dropping power. Eventually, the damage really starts cresting with a dual strike ability to deliver two strike maneuvers at once at 10th level.

Midnight Moves – (Skill Use): Lord of the Dance. A little less “skilled” than core rogue (6 ranks a level vs. 8) the stalker ki pool allows them to increase Perception and Sense Motive on the fly to levels the rogue can’t touch. Eventually, this adds bonuses to those skills that are persistent as well. While having no exceptional bonuses with disarming traps, your stalker is likely to notice them first.  On the stealth front the class has abilities that move just “hiding” into supernatural territory in including an optional psychic obfuscation aura (ignore me) and the ability to pass without trace. The absence of a Use Magic Device from the rogue can be addressed with a trait choice if you miss it overly much.

Slippery Shadows – (Damage Mitigation): Floats like a butterfly. Evasion is an optional ability joined a group of other defensive options like a precognitive sense (forcing foes to choose the worst of two rolls against you!) and the ability to move without provoking attacks of opportunity. Our stalker’s damage mitigation abilities can be further augmented by defensive stances and maneuvers.

New Year’s Kiss – (Customize-able Advancement): Smorgasbord! Stalker arts include a number potent ki driven abilities including some of the stealth and mitigation abilities mention above. Additionally, some offer more aggressive hit abilities, variation of maneuver selection, and hypnotic mindbending? None of that grab you? You can pick combat feats or for the more nostalgic, grab a good old rogue talent. Stalker also plays well with others and can multiclass well with dozens of other classes. Take a peck, take a bite, you probably won’t regret it.

Stalker hits high marks for the rogues role in metagame! The Midnight Strikers countdown continues tomorrow, Rogue-ing the New Year Midnight Strikers: The Edgewalker (T-Minus 5 Days).

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