12 Days of Shift-Mas – Day 7 The Skin-Changer

Master-of-Shapes---Final-BlogWe here at Lost Spheres love shapeshifters.  Conceptually, the group of characters that encompases the ability to take on another form is pretty broad particularly including third-party options. With so many choices out there we thought some of you wouldn’t mind a few suggestions for your next morphic champion. Skin-Changer is a variant of Spell-Less Ranger found in the New Paths Compendium from the amazing folks over at Kobold Press. Over the next week or so we’d like to showcase a few different ‘shifter character concepts from third party companies for those looking for a little change before the new year.  Welcome to the 12 days of Shift-mas!

Shapeshifting: The Skin-Changer

The skin-changer is a relatively straight forward shifter, comparing directly to both druid and ranger it is relatively close to the same tree:

Under the Tree – A couple big gift exchanges. Skin-changer has a strong basic wildshape derived shifting pool. Almost the thematic opposite of taskshaper, skin-changer has basic form options that it supplements with a full BAB and class features that make use of that multiple attacks of animal forms and gives ramping bonuses to them. If you want to play a character that is USUALLY an animal this might be your go to. You still get standard goodies like favored terrains and a few other ranger toys. Unlike a druid, you get zero spellcasting, but your shifts are supported by a strong melee profile.

Battery Life – Lithium. How long does our shift last?  The simplicity of the class grants long duration changes that can favor a “set it and forget it” approach to shift.

Wrapping Fees – Ask Mom first. The class’ core animal shape ability is technically not wildshape. That may mean you lose out on dozens of amazing feat options depending on what you GM says. Personally I would allow the majority of wildshape feats to port for animal shape. If not consider the Path of War feats from to get maneuvers of the Broken Blade discipline to ramp up your battle cat.

Under the Mistletoe –  Gold band. Skin-Changer is simple, direct and strong at what it does and there is little needed to do much in terms of advancement outside the class. If you want to spend most of the day as furry pounce-master, this is the express ticket.

Comeback tomorrow for the next Present of Shift-mas! Day 6 – the Metamorph! Don’t forget ANY shapeshifter can benefit in Mythic games from the Master-of-Shapes path from Mythic Paths of the Lost Spheres and you can get it on: RPGNow or Paizo or d20.pfsrd.com!

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